Broadway & Seymour, Inc. to Develop TouchPoint for Windows DNAfs Architecture (Business Wire; 12/02/98)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (Dec. 2) BUSINESS WIRE -Dec. 2, 1998--Broadway & Seymour, Inc. 
 today announced its intent to supplement its TouchPoint(TM) solution by 
 supporting the Windows(R) Distributed interNet Applications architecture for 
 Financial Services (Windows DNAfs). TouchPoint is Broadway & Seymour's customer 
 relationship management solution that provides financial institutions with the 
 ability to tailor sales and service to their customers. Through consolidated 
 customer account information that can be accessed at any point of contact -- 
 from traditional branches, call centers, and ATMs to network computers, kiosks, 
 or the Internet -- TouchPoint helps financial institutions maximize their 
 customer opportunities. Working with Microsoft, Broadway & Seymour has 
 completed an architectural blueprint and has begun development of the Windows 
 DNAfs framework for TouchPoint. Broadway & Seymour is part of a consortium of 
 independent software vendors, known collectively as the Windows DNAfs Advisory 
 Council, working to help define this framework.

 Windows DNA is a framework for building robust, distributed, scalable computing 
 solutions using Microsoft tools and technologies. Windows DNA for Financial 
 Services is a framework aimed at defining a set of Component Object Model (COM) 
 interfaces that will allow banking software to integrate seamlessly. Broadway & 
 Seymour's Chief Technology Officer, W. A. Proctor, said, "Although our current 
 message-based architecture is very powerful and continues to perform well for 
 us, the distributed object architecture of Windows DNAfs provides additional 
 flexibility and benefit. We view Windows DNAfs as a powerful platform for 
 delivering distributed objects while maintaining scalability and transaction 

 One of Broadway & Seymour's objectives for migrating towards a Windows DNAfs 
 architecture is to offer a more cost-effective software system for financial 
 institutions considering the TouchPoint solution, while positioning themselves 
 as a premier provider of Microsoft solutions for the financial services 
 industry. Windows DNAfs will facilitate the client's ability to integrate 
 applications from a wide variety of vertical solution vendors, while supplying 
 the client with a single vendor-based infrastructure. Additionally, Broadway & 
 Seymour strongly believes that in the future, financial institutions will want 
 an enterprise-wide customer relationship management solution that is based on a 
 distributed object architecture, rather than a message-based architecture.

 The Windows DNAfs version of TouchPoint will take advantage of Microsoft's COM-
 based technology, which provides the richest set of integrated services, the 
 widest choice of easy-to-use tools, and the largest set of available 
 applications. In addition, COM provides the only currently viable market for 
 reusable, off-the-shelf, client and server components. All of these advantages 
 lead to robust, scalable, and reliable applications that promote component 

 Broadway & Seymour, Inc. (NASDAQ:BSIS) is a software product and services 
 company, providing integrated solutions to the financial and legal and 
 professional services markets. The Company's Customer Relationship Management 
 business offers leading software products and services, including 
 TouchPoint(TM), CRISP(TM) and BANCStar(R), for banks and other financial 
 institutions. The Company also operates Elite Information Systems, Inc., a 
 wholly-owned subsidiary located in Los Angeles, California. Elite offers 
 leading integrated time tracking, invoicing, general ledger accounting and 
 other office management software products to the legal and professional 
 services industries. Broadway & Seymour's web address is  
 NOTE TO EDITORS: TouchPoint is a trademark of Broadway & Seymour, Inc. Windows 
 is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp. in the United States and/or other 

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