Timecruiser Computing Demonstrates Innovative Java Kiosk Event   Navigator for 
 Java Business Expo/COMDEX/Enterprise at the Javits   Center, New York, December 
                        (Business Wire; 12/02/98)                       

  FAIRFIELD, N.J. (Dec. 2) BUSINESS WIRE -Dec. 2, 1998--

   Timecruiser Computing Corporation Demonstrates Innovative     Java Technology 
 Kiosk Event Navigator(TM) for Java(SM)

   Business Expo(SM)/COMDEX/Enterprise at the Jacob K. Javits        Convention 
 Center, New York, December 7-10, 1998

      Event Navigator will allow attendees to navigate the    conference by 
 topics, schedules, vendors and show floor

   locations, as well as access e-mail, and tune in to what's      happening in 
 the convention's neighborhood community

 Timecruiser Computing Corporation (TCC) today announced the revolutionary Event 
 Navigator(TM) application, which will make its debut at the Java(SM) Business 
 Expo(SM)/COMDEX/Enterprise New York 98 Event on December 7-10. The Expo will 
 take place at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in the core of the Big 

 TCC's Event Navigator, derived from its Web-based Eventcruiser(TM) technology, 
 hones in on Java-based computing solutions to manage enterprise event 
 publishing scale applications. See the power of Java(TM) technology at work in 
 providing innovative solutions that will change the way information is shared, 
 disseminated, and received.

 The Event Navigator will provide attendees a first-hand glimpse into how the 
 Eventcruiser works. Scripted entirely with Java(TM) technology, Timecruiser's 
 Event Navigator will not only allow participants access into a host of 
 information about exhibitors' events, provide an interactive floor map, view 
 show events, facilitate e-mailing, but also provide event and restaurant 
 information from the New York City area.

 The idea behind the TCC's Event Navigator kiosk is to provide a repository of 
 information about the Event, and pertinent information about the neighborhood 
 community such as restaurants, venues, movies, showtimes, arts and 
 entertainment, etc. Event Navigator provides e-mail for users to conveniently 
 stay connected with the Internet and their office. TCC intends to partner with 
 Internet phone providers to add cost saving phone access on the Event 

 The Event Navigator turnkey kiosk concept works much like a bank's ATM access 
 to transport users, remotely, to a focal point of information without having to 
 crawl the Internet. It can be deployed at high people traffic areas --such as 
 airports, convention centers, hotel lobbies, train stations, Times Square-- to 
 enable prompt and convenient information access. In future versions users will 
 be able to access information via touch screens. TCC will be announcing a Web-
 based event authoring workflow solution in the near future to provide 
 exhibitors, tradeshow hosts, as well as community hosts a robust authoring 
 solution that connects seamlessly with the Event Navigator. The Event Navigator 
 kiosk concept is in wide demand by content providers such as news media, event 
 promoters, tourism and public transportation industries, to name a few.

 "TCC is extremely pleased to be a part of this event and are looking forward to 
 providing our core Eventcruiser technology in the Event Navigator to give 
 attendees, exhibitors and tradeshow hosts a full range of information at the 
 show." says Allen Wang, President of Timecruiser Computing Corporation. "This 
 new application shows the readiness and true power of Java technology in 
 providing our daily life solutions, with the highest standard of user 

 "Timecruiser's technology will provide attendees a wealth of information while 
 navigating through the show floor," said Melinda Kendall, V.P. and General 
 Manager, Java Business Expo and Comdex/Enterprise. "We want to make the event 
 experience as smooth as possible for attendees and the Event Navigator kiosks 
 provide exactly what we are looking for."

 Attendees should look for the Cyber Cafe and the Cyber Stands where 60 
 JavaStations will be set up to showcase the Event Navigator. The Event 
 Navigator features six main sections: a complete calendar of events, show floor 
 map, e-mail connectivity, exhibitors' information, local restaurants and 
 entertainment events.

 The interactive show map provides attendees with an overall view of the show 
 floor. When placing the mouse on a particular booth a full description of the 
 exhibitor will be displayed. Attendees have the option to zoom into the show 
 floor for a closer look, while building a list of booths they would like to 
 visit by clicking on the booths. Printed copy of floor map with the highlighted 
 booth selections can then be carried with the attendees.

 The calendar of events will include a complete listing of all events at the 
 show --conference session times and locations, keynotes, exhibitor events, and 
 local event information. A search function is also incorporated so attendees 
 can look up events in chronological order, by date, time, or keyword. E-mail 
 connectivity is an essential part of working on the road and the Event 
 Navigator addresses the task by its Java-based e-mail client. The application 
 will allow attendees to access and send his/her e-mail from the convention 

 "Event Navigator is an excellent example of the universal reach of Java 
 technologies," said Dr. Lew Tucker, Director of Strategic Relations at Sun 
 Microsystems', Java Software. "Show attendees utilizing Event Navigator will 
 have the full use of e-mail, calendaring as well as information regarding 
 exhibitors and show events."  About Timecruiser Computing Corporation

 Timecruiser Computing Corporation (TCC) is the leading developer of Java-based 
 enterprise-wide calendaring and event publishing solutions. The company's 
 flagship products are Timecruiser(R) and Eventcruiser(TM).

 Timecruiser(R), an award winning Java application software, is a collaborative 
 group-scheduling application designed to provide enterprise-wide MIS management 
 tools. The Eventcruiser(TM) is a Web-based event publishing application 
 designed to provide effective access to the posted events. Both products are 
 100% pure Java and are completely cross-platform. TCC is also the developer of 
 the Capplet(TM) ("calendar applet") architecture allowing static events on a 
 calendar to come alive. Capplets can be attached to any event and can include 
 forms, multimedia contents such as sound, video, images, text, graphics and E-
 commerce services. TCC was founded in 1995. For more information you can find 
 us on the Web at www.timecruiser.com.  About ZD Events About Java Business Expo 
 and COMDEX/Enterprise New York 98

 Java Business Expo, sponsored by Sun Microsystems, Inc., focuses on the role of 
 Java technology in enterprise-wide computing applications and solutions. 
 COMDEX/Enterprise provides the broader context of enterprise-scale 
 applications, including front- and back-office applications and their 
 integration into a corporate computing environment. Both events provide a 
 unique range of breadth and depth for any professional involved in mission-
 critical business applications. Together, they present a strong, complete image 
 of the current state of enterprise computing, with a distinct, incisive focus 
 on one of the most compelling new technologies.  About ZD Events

 ZD Events is the world's leading producer of information technology events, 
 with products ranging from the IT industry's largest exhibitions to renowned 
 educational programs, custom seminars and specialized vendor marketing 
 programs. It brings together the high-profile, high-impact COMDEX and WINDOWS 
 WORLD brands with the educational focus and depth of NetWorld+Interop, Seybold 
 Seminars and other leading industry events. ZD Events serves more than 5,000 
 exhibiting companies and two million attendees through over 50 events in 18 
 countries. These events have revolutionized the way computers are bought, sold 
 and distributed. ZD Events is the events group of Ziff-Davis.  About Ziff-Davis

 Ziff-Davis (NYSE: ZD) is a leading integrated media and marketing company 
 focused on Internet-related technologies, with principal platforms in print 
 publishing, tradeshows and conferences, on-line content, market research and 
 education. The Company provides global marketing and media strategies for 
 reaching key technology decision-makers worldwide.

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