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                             Set Top Boxes

  QED RM5231 MIPS Processor and IGST CyberPro5300 7-in-1 Set Top Box Multimedia

 Processor Combine to Provide Low Cost Digital Set Top Boxes for Cable,          
                Satellite and Internet

     SANTA CLARA, Calif., Dec. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- QED, Inc., and IGST

 today announced that they will make available a reference platform for next 
 generation digital set top boxes.  The platform contains QED's MIPS RISC 
 microprocessor, the RM5231(TM) and IGST's CyberPro5300, the world's first 
 multimedia processor which integrates seven major functions of the next 
 generation of advanced digital TV set top boxes in a single chip.

 "The CyberPro5300 and the high performance floating point in QED's RM523x 
 microprocessors offer a great combination for consumer priced video and 3D 
 capability for the Digital TV market," said Arnold Estep, QED director of 
 marketing.  "IGST chose the RM5231 processor due to its high performance MIPS 
 IV instruction set compatible features and the scaleability of QED's MIPS RISC 
 microprocessors, further validating the superiority of the MIPS RISC 

 QED's RM5231 is a high-performance 64-bit MIPS microprocessor designed to 
 provide workstation-class performance at an affordable price for embedded 
 applications.  Its superscalar instruction issue architecture significantly 
 increases processor scaleability and performance.  The RM5231 executes 325 
 Dhrystone2.1 MIPS and 500 MFLOPS of floating point operations in parallel at 
 250MHz.  Both the integer and floating point unit have high-speed multiply-
 accumulate instructions that are the core of DSP code.  This provides designers 
 with the high performance flexibility of a general-purpose MIPS RISC 

 The MIPS RISC microprocessor architecture is the most successful embedded RISC 
 architecture on the market today.  According to industry analyst Andrew 
 Allison, 48 million MIPS RISC architecture microprocessors shipped in 1997 -- 
 double the shipments of any other RISC architecture.  QED believes the reasons 
 for this growth can be attributed, in large part, to the superior 
 price/performance available within the MIPS processor family.

 IGST's CyberPro5300 chip is part of and compatible with the industry-leading 
 CyberPro 5XXX family that has already been designed into several major OEM set 
 top boxes and information appliances.  The seven major functions that the 5300 
 integrates include ZeroZ(TM) 3D/2D Graphics Accelerator, CPU Bridge, NTSC/PAL 
 TV encoder, Video Processor, Hardware Alpha Blending, AC97 Audio Processor, and 
 SoftModem support

 "The multimedia platform with QED's RM523x MIPS RISC microprocessors is 
 designed to provide excellent price/performance functionality and comes with 
 drivers and SDK required to enable the CyberPro5300 multimedia functions," said 
 Mike Raghavan, IGST's director of marketing.  "Our CyberPro products are being 
 shipped as 'The Standard' driver for TV-Centric applications like set top boxes 
 for Microsoft Windows CE and Windows 98, WindRiver VxWorks, Sun Java OS for 
 Consumer and pJava, Sony AperiOS, ISI pSOS, QNX, ITRON and Nucleus."

 The reference platform enables OEMs to reduce the development cycle of a set 
 top box design and concentrate on creating unique, easy to use consumer 
 interfaces and applications.

     IGS Technologies, Inc.

     IGS Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1993 to develop leading edge

 multimedia component solutions for emerging markets including Set Top Boxes and 
 Information Appliances.  IGS Technologies' mission is to become the leading 
 supplier of highly integrated advanced multimedia components for commercial and 
 consumer information appliances, Satellite, Cable, Multimedia Set Top Boxes, 
 Web Browsers, WebDVD, Internet and Interactive TV applications. The company is 
 funded by venture capitalists and major corporations.  IGS has developed 
 strategic alliances with leading companies and has major OEM designs worldwide 
 in these emerging markets.

 Company headquarters are located in Santa Clara.  Tel: 408-982-8588. IGST 
 Website: http://www.igst.com.

     QED, Inc.

     QED, Inc., founded in 1991, designs, develops and markets

 innovative, scaleable, high-performance, cost-effective, market-driven embedded 
 microprocessor solutions.  The company designed and developed many of the 64-
 bit MIPS microprocessors including the popular R4600(TM), R4700(TM), R4650(TM), 
 R4640(TM), R5000(TM) and under its own "RISCMark(TM)" label, the RM5230(TM), 
 RM5260(TM), RM5270(TM), RM5231(TM), RM5261(TM), RM5271(TM), RM5710(TM), 
 RM5720(TM) and RM7000(TM).

 QED's RM52xx(TM), RM52x1(TM), RM57xx(TM) and RM7000 product families include 32-
  and 64-bit embedded microprocessors targeted at emerging and fast-growing 
 markets such as networking, printers, game, Windows(R) CE-based devices, 
 Internet Terminal, set-top box, cable modem and high-speed communications 

 Company headquarters are located in Santa Clara, California. Telephone: 408/565-
 0300.  QED World Wide Web site: http://www.qedinc.com

     MIPS is a registered trademark and R5000 is a trademark of MIPS

 Technologies, Inc.  R4600, R4700, R4650, and R4640 are trademarks of Integrated 
 Device Technology, Inc.  RISCMark, RM5230, RM5260, RM5270, RM52xx, RM5231, 
 RM5261, RM5271, RM52x1, RM5710, RM5720, RM57xx and RM7000 are trademarks of 
 QED, Inc.  CyberPro, TVDirect, VideoDirect, FlexiBus, FlexAlpha, FlexVideo are 
 IGST trademarks.  All other trademarks mentioned herein are the property of 
 their respective owners.  SOURCE  QED, Inc.

 -0-                             12/02/98 /CONTACT:  Arnold Estep of QED, Inc., 
 408-565-0323, or [email protected]; Mike Raghavan of IGS Technologies, Inc., 
 408-982-8588, ext. 130, or [email protected]; Joanie Colby or Carol Felton of 
 Simon/McGarry Public Relations, 650-596-5880, or [email protected]/

 Web site:  http://www.igst.com Web site:  http://www.qedinc.com  CO:  QED, 
 Inc.; IGS Technologies, Inc. ST:  California IN:  CPR SU:

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