Over 1,000 Casinos Nationwide Place Their Bets on Hypercom's Next   Generation 
                         ICE 5000 Point-of-Sale Terminals                        
                        (Business Wire; 12/10/98)                       

 PHOENIX (Dec. 10) BUSINESS WIRE -Dec. 10, 1998--

  Hypercom Teams with Global Cash Access Consortium to Provide     Interactive 
 Cash Advance Terminal Solution to Casinos

 Hypercom Corporation (NYSE:HYC), a global provider of electronic payment 
 solutions, today announced its Interactive Consumer Environment (ICE) 5000 
 terminals are being deployed to more than 1,000 casinos around the country by 
 the Global Cash Access consortium. Established in June 1998, the Global Cash 
 Access consortium is the largest cash access provider to casinos and includes 
 BA Merchant Services, Inc. (BAMSI), USA Processing and First Data Corp. (FDC). 
 Hypercom's ICE 5000 terminals will be used in conjunction with its T7E terminal 
 to form a complete point-of-service (POS) cash solution for casino players. The 
 roll-out began this month at Bally's in Atlantic City and will include casinos 
 in Las Vegas and riverboats nationwide. The deployments will be completed 
 within 60 days. The ICE 5000 terminals are delivered with touch screen and 
 smart card functionality and are equipped with Hypercom FastPOS(tm) 9600 baud 
 modems built in.

 "When Hypercom introduced its ICE solution, we immediately recognized the 
 technology breakthrough it represents," said Sharif Bayyari, president and CEO, 
 BA Merchant Services. "A casino's ability to customize each relationship with 
 its customer -- with the flexibility of an interactive screen, the scalability 
 of being smart card-enabled and the faster connection speeds that the Hypercom 
 FastPOS 9600 bits per second modem can offer dramatically improves the value 
 proposition at the point-of-service."

 "The introduction of the ICE 5000 terminal at these casinos around the country 
 represents an important step in the evolution of self-service electronic cash 
 transactions. Global Cash Access recognized the need to improve the all-
 important customer touch point and the opportunity it presents," said Al Irato, 
 president and CEO of Hypercom. "The casinos can customize the transaction 
 process for players and add additional applications such as advertising or 
 loyalty programs as needed by leveraging the terminal's interactivity and 

 Hypercom will provide the advanced POS technology functions and flexibility 
 found in its new line of ICE 5000 terminals, coupled with the T7E terminals, to 
 complete these on-floor cash advance transactions. The ICE 5000 terminals, 
 located at several kiosks amidst the lights and tables of the Casinos, are 
 positioned so that players can simply go up to any kiosk and swipe their credit 
 or debit card through the terminal. The interactive screen displays the 
 instructions for the player to complete the transaction, and receive an instant 
 authorization for the transaction.

 The player then makes their way to the nearest casino cashier in the "cage" 
 where the cashier performs a "Print on Demand" request and verifies the 
 transaction using a Hypercom T7E terminal. Once the transaction is 
 electronically verified, a check is printed out and endorsed by the player, and 
 the cashier gives the cash to the client.

 "We looked at all of the POS terminal manufacturers in the market place and the 
 Hypercom ICE 5000 terminal was by far and away the best out there," said Kirk 
 Sanford, executive vice president, Global Cash Access. "ICE is the best bet for 
 our casino customers' current and future needs -- delivering powerful 
 touchscreen technology with integrated credit card, debit card and smart card 
 terminal with the fastest communication speeds available. Because Global Cash 
 Access also supports responsible gaming, the ICE 5000's customizable screen 
 messages help us monitor usage," said Sanford. "Hypercom's ICE 5000 and T7E 
 terminal combination are also Y2K compliant to ensure no disruption as we move 
 into the next millennium."

  Transaction Technology of the Future

 The ICE 5000 terminal is smart card-ready -- protecting the casino's terminal 
 investment as payment systems evolve and smart cards become more prevalent in 
 the future. Additionally, to meet the needs of the casino's international 
 clientele, the ICE 5000 terminals are equipped with Spanish and French language 
 capability, with Japanese and Chinese being added soon.

  About Global Cash Access

 Global Cash Access provides a full range of electronic funds transfer and other 
 services to more than 1,200 gaming properties nationwide. The company's line of 
 cash access products and services include integrated devices using a client-
 server platform, offering ATM, POS debit and credit card cash advance; and cash 
 access services including Western Union(R) wire transfer and TeleCheck(R) 
 guarantee and authorization. The company's line of financial services includes 
 transaction processing and reporting via PC-based, networked cashier 
 workstations, and transaction reporting via secure Internet access.

  About Hypercom Corporation

 Celebrating its 20th anniversary, Hypercom Corporation (NYSE:HYC) is a global 
 provider of electronic payment solutions, including multi-functional point-of-
 sale terminals, peripherals, network products, transaction software, Internet-
 based and electronic commerce payment solutions. On a global basis Hypercom 
 delivers the services and technology infrastructure required to quickly 
 integrate and deploy new payment applications for competitive value-add 
 programs, improved business performance and low total cost of ownership.

 Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Hypercom markets its products in more than 
 60 countries through a global network of offices and affiliates in Argentina, 
 Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Hong Kong, Hungary, Japan, Mexico, Russia, 
 Singapore, the United Kingdom and Venezuela. Hypercom's Internet address is 

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