NetShift Press Release
14th December '98

NetShift Software Ltd is announcing new NetShift v4.2

NetShift is proud to announce a new version 4.2 of the most popular NetShift kiosk software, highly upgraded and compatible with our new AKA utility v1.0 ( )
New version 4.2 of NetShift and AKA v1.0 are ready for evaluation of NetShift's website at


Dual Access 'Free or Pay' to surf switch option
The ability to provide free local access (HD or Web) from a 'local only' listing, which keeps NetShift and the touchscreen or input device 'live'. If user chooses a link outside this list then a message 'Payment Required' is shown and then the third party payment system can take over control of the NetShift user interface.

Kiosk Proxy Server Support
If one kiosk is the proxy server on a network of kiosks then an option has now been added that the other networked kiosks can use the proxy kiosk as a gateway to the Internet, i.e.: only one dial up or connection account per kiosk network.

Customisable colouring of virtual keyboard
Offers your kiosk users an even more attractive experience by colour customising the virtual keyboard background and key tabs for them.

Real Player downloads blocking
Now automatically blocks file downloads to the kiosk hard disc from any Real Player source. Protects your kiosk from massive file build-ups and diminishing resources.

Customisable Scroll Bar width
An option in the Set-up Manager to increase the width of industry favourite up/down & left right browser scroll bar. Makes for a user-friendlier interface. Supports both MSIE and Netscape

AKA Compatibility
Ready interface for the new NetShift AKA v1.0 Automated Kiosk Attendant utility, to provide for ultimate 24/7 optimising of kiosks. AKA is being simultaniously launched with NetShift v4.2:
NetShift versions previous to v4.2 will not support the AKA - please get a free upgrade to this latest version.

Our documentation has been highly upgraded and re-edited for simpler more intuitive reading. The evaluation and full copy software ships with:
1) Full Documentation Word 97 format
2) Full Documentation HTML format
3) 10 Minute 'Quick Start' guide RTF format
4) ReadMe TXT format


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A: NetShift Software Ltd.
A: Hughenden Yard, Marlborough, Wilts,SN8 1LT, UK
T: +44 (0)1672 511 094
F: +44 (0)1672 511 078
E: [email protected]

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