NetShift Press Release
14th December '98

NetShift launches AKA v1.0 - Automated Kiosk Attendant utility

NetShift Software Ltd is launching AKA v1.0, the Automated Kiosk Attendant utility, to optimise Win 95, 98 or NT for 24/7 remote unattended kiosk operation.
AKA utility is a companion to new NetShift version 4.2 (see:
New version 4.2 of NetShift and AKA are ready for evaluation of NetShift's website at


Password entry into shell manager
As kiosk boots up.. X seconds (customisable) are allowed for the password entry box (to the AKA Set-up manager) to be on view. As a second security option Y seconds of attempts (customisable) for password text entry time.

Controlled launch of each start-up application
As an alternative to the 'rough and ready' launch of applications from the Windows start up folder is the ability to select the EXE's to be run and allow X seconds between the launch of each EXE. This provides for a much smoother and trouble free launch of programs that may hog system resources during their launch.

Detect EXE failure and reboot kiosk
AKA continually looks for EXE failure after X seconds and will automatically re-boot the kiosk for a fresh restart. At reboot message is given to user that kiosk has to reboot because of a program failure.

Automatic Kiosk reboot scheduler
Imperative for 24/7 optimisation, the kiosk system must be regularly shut down and restarted to clear cache, free up resources etc. This option is provided for within the AKA Set-up Manager to automatically restart the kiosk X interval/s per day at Y Hour/s time. An advanced warning of X seconds (customisable) is given to the user of the impending reboot.

Option - Type of reboot
There is a selection of reboot options available in the AKA set-up manager to suit your particular kiosk operation.

Option - Set shell as...
Main option choice would be set shell as 'AKA Shell' so that in the event of system failure or when system is re booting the standard windows desk top (including launch icons) is not seen, but instead a safe plain blank desktop.

Option - Run scan disk in auto mode
To further optimise the kiosk system for 24/7 operation, to run scan disc in auto mode at each kiosk reboot.

Option - Bypass windows log in
Required option within AKA Set-up manager to bypass the Network log-in dialogue box. For this to work when running win 95 or 98 you will need to have on your system Power Toys/TweakUI, this is free from Microsoft website (not needed for NT operation).

Auto restores minimised applications
Normally for security reasons when running NetShift Windows has no task bar. If another application is run from NetShift and that application has a minimise button and minimise is selected... then the minimised application will drop off the bottom of the screen making recovery impossible and halting the kiosk operation at this point. Auto restore looks for minimised applications and auto restores them - hey presto!

Option - Generate an AKA log file
Useful internal log file of changes and customisation within the AKA Set-up manager

Option - Systems resource viewer
Windows Explorer/Look up facility from within the AKA to the rest of your system

Option - Customisable Messages if total system failure
If AKA detects failure of an EXE to launch then to prevent the AKA going into a continuous re boot loop it will halt the kiosk and display a configurable message to the kiosk user that the system has failed and a customisable message: 'maintenance phone number or contact details' can be displayed on the screen.

Plus other industry standard options
Industry standard options as would be expected from a high quality software OEM: 'save configuration' 'Uninstall' etc.


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