IVI Checkmate and Royal Bank Introduce Canada's First  Hand-Held Portable    
               Wireless Terminal for Debit and Credit  Transactions              
                       (Canada Newswire; 12/18/98)                      

             The Elite 780 makes popular debit transactions  accessible to 

                           all users in all markets

    ATLANTA/TORONTO, Dec. 18 /CNW/ - IVI Checkmate Corp.  (Nasdaq-NMS: CMIV); 
 (TSE: IVC/IVI) today announced that its Elite  780 has received certification 
 from the Royal Bank of Canada  ("Royal Bank"), and becomes the first fully 
 portable long range  wireless terminal available in Canada for both debit and 
 credit  applications. 

    The Elite 780 is one of several wireless terminals offered by  IVI 
 Checkmate, and is the first certified by the Royal Bank to  accept debit 
 transactions at the point-of-sale. With a built-in  modem and thermal printer, 
 the Elite 780 is a complete portable POS  solution that is compact, lightweight 
 and ideally suited to  portable applications where the terminal is brought to 
 the customer. 

    The Elite 780 will be targeted by the Royal Bank to mobile and  
 service/hospitality businesses such as home repair businesses,  delivery 
 services, portable sales kiosks, taxi cabs and limousines,  restaurants and 
 petroleum full-service stations. 

    "This wireless terminal gives merchants the first portable  payment solution 
 that offers consumers the ability to choose  between debit or credit whatever 
 best suits their needs," says  Frank Moore, Vice-President, Merchant and Point 
 of Sale Services,  Royal Bank. "With the phenomenal growth of debit in this 
 country,  unmatched anywhere else in the world, it is important to combine  
 both debit and credit functions into one portable payment terminal." 

    With this new terminal, clients of Grocery Gateway will be able  to do their 
 shopping online at www.grocerygateway.com and then pay  for their purchases 
 with debit or credit when they are delivered to  their door. "The Elite 780 
 terminal with debit capability means our  clients can choose between paying 
 with their debit card, the most  commonly used form of payment for groceries in 
 Canada, or credit,"  says Bill DiNardo, president of Grocery Gateway, a Toronto-
 based  internet grocery shopping company that offers home delivery to the  
 Greater Toronto area. "This is a great step forward for e-commerce  in Canada." 

    The Elite 780 with debit card functionality has a distinct  competitive 
 advantage over other wireless terminals currently  available in that IVI 
 Checkmate's mobile payment terminals have  been designed to transmit 
 transactions on Cantel AT&T's Mobitex  network. The Mobitex network is a 
 wireless system that is dedicated  to processing data instead of voice, which 
 is the most common  wireless signal. As a result, the payment transaction 
 signal  carried via Mobitex does not have to compete with voice signals,  
 resulting in greater reliability. 

    Rogers Cantel has approximately 1.8 million wireless  subscribers in Canada. 
 Rogers Cantel Mobile Communications Inc.,  (TSE: RCM.B; NYSE: RCN), an 81% 
 owned subsidiary of Rogers  Communications Inc., owns and operates Canada's 
 largest wireless  company. Rogers Cantel offers a full range of wireless  
 communication services including voice, data and paging under the  co-brand 
 Cantel(R) AT&T(TM). 

    Royal Bank (ticker symbol: RY) is Canada's premier global  financial 
 services group and a leading provider of personal and  business banking, 
 corporate and investment banking, and wealth  management services. As one of 
 North America's largest financial  institutions, Royal Bank and its key 
 subsidiaries Royal Trust, RBC  Dominion Securities, RBC Insurance, and Royal 
 Bank Action Direct  have 60,000 employees who serve 10 million clients through 
 more  than 1,500 branches and offices in 36 countries. 

    International Verifact Inc. of Toronto, Canada, and Checkmate  Electronics, 
 Inc. of Roswell, Georgia, united to form IVI Checkmate  Corp., the third 
 largest electronic payment solutions provider in  North America. IVI Checkmate 
 is a full-service solutions provider  in the U.S., Canada and Latin America. 
 Our innovative automation  payment solutions are expert in handling electronic 
 payment  transactions and electronic benefits transfer, serving the retail,  
 financial, hospitality, banking, healthcare and transportation  industries. 
 With offices in the U.S. and Canada and established  strategic alliances and 
 partnerships worldwide, IVI Checkmate is  well positioned to deliver leading 
 products and global technologies  to our customers. 

    This press release contains forward-looking statements subject  to the safe 
 harbor created by the Private Securities Litigation  Reform Act of 1995. 
 Management cautions that these statements  represent projections and estimates 
 of future performance and  involve certain risks and uncertainties. The 
 Company's actual  results could differ materially from those anticipated in 
 these  forward-looking statements as a result of certain factors  including, 
 without limitation, the Company's dependence on its  limited suppliers and 
 manufacturers of component parts of its  products; rapid and significant 
 technological developments that  could delay the introduction of improvements 
 in existing products  or of new products; the Company's dependence on its 
 proprietary  technologies (which may be independently developed by 
 competitors);  the Company's dependence on a small number of large retail  
 customers; the potential fluctuation in financial results as a  result of the 
 Company's inability to make sales to large customers  as well as the volume and 
 timing of bookings received during a  quarter and variations in sales mix; 
 competition from existing  companies as well as new market entrants; and, the 
 Company's  dependence on key personnel.

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