ATCOM/INFO Solution to Support and Maintain Mail Boxes Etc. Computer   Time   
                              Rental Workstations                              
                       (Business Wire; 12/21/98)                       

SAN DIEGO (Dec. 21) BUSINESS WIRE -Dec. 21, 1998--ATCOM/INFO, the leading 
provider of services and software for public high-speed Internet access, today 
announced it has reached a licensing agreement with Mail Boxes Etc. (MBE), the 
world's largest franchiser of retail business, communication and postal service 
centers. Under the terms of the agreement, MBE will utilize ATCOM/INFO's 
proprietary CyberShell software to provide security, support record-keeping, 
integrate software applications and remotely manage systems on thousands of PCs 
that are planned to be part of the MBE in-center Computer Time Rental (CTR) 

The CTR's will provide MBE customers 24-hour access to computer workstations, 
laser printers and the Internet. By adding CyberShell software, CTR users can 
take advantage of comprehensive email, a fully customizable user interface, a 
wide variety of multimedia applications, as well as integrated access to the 
most popular business and graphics software, at participating MBE franchises 
nationwide. The MBE CTR systems run unattended, so Cybershell also includes 
automatic error reporting to ensure that the systems run reliably.

"ATCOM/INFO's technology builds a platform that enables customers - from road 
warriors to small-business owners - to conduct business on the run," said Tom 
Caldwell, vice president of marketing & business development at ATCOM/INFO. "We 
believe this project will provide an invaluable tool to all MBE customers."

"MBE's Computer Time Rental workstations are designed to help make business 
easier for small-business owners and consumers who need to utilize technology, 
including email and Internet access," said James Amos, MBE president and chief 
executive officer. "Both MBE and ATCOM/INFO are committed to meeting the needs 
of the small-office / home-office (SOHO) and road warrior market.  About Mail 
Boxes Etc.

Mail Boxes Etc., a wholly owned subsidiary of U.S. Office Products Company 
(NASDAQ: OFIS), is the world's largest franchiser of retail business 
communication and postal service centers. There are more than 3,600 MBE centers 
operating worldwide, with master licensing agreements in place for the 
development of the MBE business in 62 countries around the world. In the United 
States, MBE centers are owned and operated by licensed franchisees of Mail 
Boxes Etc., USA, Inc. Outside the United States, MBE centers are owned and 
operated by MBE master licensees or their franchisees. MBE maintains a Web site 

Based in San Diego, ATCOM/INFO is the leading provider of services and software 
for public high-speed Internet access. ATCOM/INFO Internet systems are targeted 
for use in public facilities and the hospitality market segment throughout the 
United States and the world, including airports, hotels, convention centers and 
other public areas. ATCOM/INFO's mission is to provide superior software 
products and services for information delivery to users in public places. This 
includes pay-per-use public Internet ports (IPORT Internet Access System), 
kiosk management software and custom software solutions designed to meet 
specific customer needs. For more information on ATCOM/INFO, please call 619-
699-4003, fax at 619-699-4040, or visit their Web site at

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