Internet Update
(Newsbytes; 08/11/98)

TOKYO, JAPAN, 1998 AUG 12 (Newsbytes) -- By Martyn Williams, Newsbytes. This 
 is a roundup of new and updated resources and services on the global Internet 
 including: home pages for dispersed families; nominations for codies wanted; 
 Intel's Technology@Work; guide to UK groups for the disabled; New Jersey gets 
 Internet media network; tracking media scandals; Romanian Infocities.

 Home Pages For Dispersed Families

 Designed for families, the Shoebox's suite of publishing tools allows visitors 
 to build home pages, threaded discussions, create an interactive calendar, and 
 maintain private and public publishing areas. With your public area, you can 
 showcase your family to the world, while using the private area for family 
 information and discussions. World Wide Web:

 Nominations For Codies Wanted!

 The Software Publishing Association is now soliciting nominations for its 1999 
 Excellence in Software Awards, also known as the Codie Awards. To qualify, 
 companies must nominate their products by September 4. The 1999 Codie Awards 
 will encompass 39 categories in eight award groupings. World Wide Web:

 Intel's Technology@Work

 From Intel, the Technology@Work forum is aimed at business technology leaders 
 and influencers. Free to join, this membership forum pulls together the latest 
 in-depth information about business products, technologies, and the impact of 
 trends on the computer industry. One of the special features is the opportunity 
 for members to interact with Intel technology experts and executives. World 
 Wide Web:

 Guide To UK Groups For The Disabled

 The UK's Disability Net has an index to groups for the disabled in the United 
 Kingdom. From the disabiliy program unit at the BBC to the disabled driver's 
 association and muscle power, visitors will find a wide range of links here and 
 also be able to explore the rest of the site, packed with related information 
 and news. World Wide Web:

 New Jersey Gets Internet Media Network

 Two of New Jersey's leading Web sites, NJ Web Guide and Find NJ, have combined 
 forces to create Digital Creek Publishing. The new company, described as the 
 first Internet media network for the state, brings together the two sites and 
 through chat rooms and message boards covering everything from local politics 
 to sports and entertainment. World Wide Web: World 
 Wide Web:

 Tracking Media Scandals

 The recent rash of scandals and problems concerning the media, from the Valley 
 of Death report on CNN to the fabrications made by columnist Patricia Smith in 
 the Boston Globe, The Watchdog is tracking the scandals and providing 
 information and links on the events. World Wide Web:

 Romanian Infocities

 For all the information and data on major cities in Romania, Internet users can 
 now turn to Romanian Infocities. Currently covering three cities, Timisoara, 
 Sibiu and Oradea, with more planned, the guide offers information on the media, 
 health, tourism, places to shop, eat and party, money and more. World Wide Web:

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