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SANTA CLARA, Calif., Aug. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Tony Russo wakes in the morning 
 and walks to the train, where he buys a token from a computerized vending 
 machine.  Tony rides to his job at a fish hatchery where an automated 
 monitoring system helps him maintain optimal water quality.  For lunch Tony 
 meets some colleagues at a restaurant where the ordering is done through a 
 system of touchscreen computers, increasing the efficiency of the staff. After 
 a tough workday, Tony returns home and cooks himself dinner.  It is a meal 
 prepared from a file of recipes that he keeps on his Panel PC, which hangs on a 
 wall in his kitchen.

 Is Tony real?  No.  But the products and applications he uses are. Tony's day, 
 not just his workday, is made significantly easier because of the products of 
 one company:  Advantech.  Advantech's vision is not to make life work, but to 
 make life work better.  Advantech offers a full line of specialized PCs focused 
 on the objective of lifestyle automation:  Biscuit PCs, Slot PCs, POS CPU 
 Boards, Solid State Disks, and Panel PCs.

 Biscuit PCs are a family of small size, highly integrated single board 
 computers designed for all kinds of embedded applications.  These units utilize 
 compact form factors, allowing them to fit within a slim chassis or narrow 

 Slot PCs are half-size CPU cards, which follow the industrial standard form 
 factor of a half-size ISA add-on card.  With a standard ISA edge connector on 
 all Half-size CPU cards, it is easy to expand system capability with ISA cards 
 through a passive backplane.

 PC/104 Modules provide simple feature expansion for embedded single board 
 applications.  Through this connector system functions can be expanded 
 according to application needs.  The POS (point of sales) CPU board series is 
 designed specifically for POS and other related applications that require many 
 I/O connections and rugged features at an affordable price.  Solid State Disks 
 offer faster data access and longer MTBF, characteristics which make them the 
 ideal solution for critical commercial or industrial applications.  Panel PCs 
 integrate a single board computer with a TFT flat panel display to create a 
 super slim intuitive human-machine interface computer system.  An optional 
 touchscreen provides a hands-on alternative to traditional input devices such 
 as a keyboard and mouse.

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