FAO Schwarz Expands Kodak Sticker Prints Kiosks To Additional Locations
(Business Wire; 08/14/98)

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (Aug. 14) BUSINESS WIRE -Aug. 14, 1998--Following the success 
 of the Kodak Sticker Prints Kiosks at its New York, Orlando and Las Vegas 
 stores, FAO Schwarz is expanding the newest hit in retail to 20 of its stores 
 across the country.

 Kodak Sticker Prints Kiosks are being installed in FAO Schwarz stores in San 
 Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Dallas, Mall of America 
 in Bloomington, Minn., Seattle, Houston, Atlanta, Long Island, King of Prussia, 
 Pa., Troy, Mich., McLean, Va., Washington, D.C. and Costa Mesa and Glendale, 

 Kodak's stand-alone sticker prints kiosks use digital imaging technology to 
 allow kids and adults to photograph themselves inside fabulous virtual 
 environments. Customers, separately or in groups, step up and select from a 
 number of themed backgrounds, push a button to take their picture and wait a 
 mere 30 seconds. The result: a sheet of 16 postage stamp-sized stickers that 
 kids can keep or trade with their friends.

 Stickers can portray the kids visiting their favorite Sesame Street friends 
 including Elmo, Cookie Monster and Big Bird. Another extremely popular option 
 for sticker backgrounds is the store-specific content designed for FAO Schwarz 
 by Kodak's creative team. Each store has different toy-related themes that, in 
 fact, are part of the draw of these stores for tourists. New York has its 
 prominent clock tower, Las Vegas its gigantic Trojan Horse and Orlando its 
 enormous bear. Kids can select the specific icon of the store they're in as the 
 background for their stickers.

 "Our stores are about fun and play and interaction and the stickers tie right 
 into the whole theme," says Kristin Anderson, FAO Schwarz buyer for the Themed 
 Entertainment products. "People of all ages find shopping at FAO Schwarz a 
 delightful experience and these kiosks really enhance the entertaining aspect 
 of shopping at our stores. We get a lot of tourists coming to our stores and 
 this lets them leave with a memento--a part of the experience of what they saw. 
 They have fun using the kiosks and they can take a piece of FAO Schwarz home 
 with them."

 "These machines are perfect for an environment like FAO Schwarz," says Greg 
 Ballentine, director of sales for Themed Entertainment. "They take up very 
 little space but can generate a considerable revenue stream. They are first and 
 foremost about fun. And fun is what FAO Schwarz customers expect."

 "We're getting great feedback from our customers," says Tiffany Chorney, 
 selling services manager for FAO in Orlando. "Sales of stickers have tripled 
 since the first units were installed. We have people waiting in line to get 
 stickers and the more people around the kiosk, the more attention it draws."

 FAO Schwarz estimates that about 50 percent of the Orlando store's customers 
 are tourists. "The international customers love it," Chorney says. "When 
 they're here visiting the U.S., they want to take home photos and they love the 
 choices of stickers in the Kodak kiosk."

 The sticker prints kiosk appeals to all ages at FAO Schwarz. "We see parents 
 holding up a baby, a 50-year-old couple trying it because it's new and 
 different, and groups of teenagers having a blast putting their heads together 
 for a shot," she says.

 The kiosks are positioned in different locations within the stores. One may be 
 in the front of the store and another in a souvenir section with T-shirts, key 
 chains, hats and other FAO Schwarz-themed merchandise. Kiosks are also located 
 in the infant section where they're a big hit with parents of small children, 
 the stuffed animal department and the arts and crafts center.

 Kodak's Themed Entertainment division continues to expand the use of location-
 based interactive products in venues such as theme parks, tourist attractions, 
 movie theaters, retail stores, drug stores, grocery stores and sporting events.

 For more information call 1-888/265-6981.

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