Interactive Kiosks Move to DVD; Sonic Solutions Provides Complete Kiosk Development System for DVD-Video
(Business Wire; 08/13/98)

NOVATO, CALIF. (Aug. 13) BUSINESS WIRE -Aug. 13, 1998--Sonic Solutions 
 (NASDAQ:SNIC) announced today the widespread use of its DVD production systems 
 to prepare DVD-based kiosk applications for companies such as BMW, Lucent 
 Technology, Mattel, Sam's Club, The Fire Museum of Memphis and many others.

 Working in concert with major interactive kiosk developers and post-production 
 facilities including Advanced Media Concepts, C&C Interactive, Chicago 
 Recording Company, Rainmaker, RISE Int'l, Videolab, Zuma Digital and others, 
 Sonic Solutions has created powerful DVD production tools that allow developers 
 to create a richer, more interactive kiosk experience using the DVD-Video 
 format -- multi-angle video, complex navigation scripting, instant project 
 proofing and fast project multiplexing.

 Developing content for the kiosk market requires production tools with the 
 power to enable a wide range of highly interactive applications -- from in-
 store looping videos to interactive sales pieces. Sonic DesktopDVD(TM), the 
 first system designed specifically for corporate applications, makes it 
 possible for developers to approach kiosk design in an intuitive and graphical 
 way, allowing them to create titles which can be played on a standard DVD 
 player, yet provide the richness and interactivity of traditional computer-
 based CD-ROM.

 "Kiosks should not be tied down to proprietary systems that are expensive and 
 hard to maintain," said Mark Ely, director of product marketing at Sonic 
 Solutions. "The DVD format makes it easier for kiosk developers to create 
 interactive content that packs more audio and video punch than older CD-ROM-
 based technologies and plays on low-cost playback systems."  The Fire Museum of 
 Memphis Turns to DVD for Exhibits That Deliver All the Heat

 When the board of directors for The Fire Museum of Memphis (FMOM) began their 
 work of converting the oldest firehouse in town into a museum, they wanted it 
 to be more than just a Fireman's equipment shrine. It was their desire to not 
 only relate the history of the Memphis Fire Department and honor those 
 sacrificed in the line of duty, but to also educate citizens on fire safety.

 The FMOM contracted RISE Int'l., a leading multimedia production facility based 
 in Fort Worth, Texas, to develop interactive kiosks that would make the 
 learning experience enjoyable enough that visitors would return again and 
 again. With an eye to the future, the museum decided to use DVD for the 
 majority of their video exhibits. The installation was designed to allow a 
 single DVD title to be used for 11 individual kiosks, each with a completely 
 different message. The quality of the video and the quick access made DVD a 
 logical choice.

 Working with Sally Corporation, a company specializing in animatronic 
 entertainment systems, RISE combined DVD technology with character robotics to 
 create a novel and compelling kiosk experience for the museum's visitors. The 
 exhibit's first kiosk installation features an animatronic horse in 
 conversation with the museum's mascot, "Hydro," an animated fire hydrant, on an 
 adjacent monitor.

 The interaction between the horse and mascot is conveyed by the video and audio 
 data on the DVD disc, and a DVD-based timecode track synchronizes the horse's 
 jaw movements with its associated audio. All of the control information, as 
 well as video and audio material, is provided by a single DVD player rather 
 than the multiple laserdisc players previously required.

 With the success of the project, FMOM is considering releasing copies of the 
 interactive DVD to those attending the museum. "Not only is the developed 
 content easy to set up and play in a kiosk environment," said Larry Johnson, 
 president of RISE, "the same content can be played by anyone with a DVD player -
 - teachers, parents and even young children. DVD now makes it possible and easy 
 to take the message home."

 RISE used Sonic DVD Creator because it provides a complete system for DVD kiosk 
 production. "Kiosk exhibits have traditionally been hard to develop for," said 
 Bob Sivley, CEO of RISE. "They either required specialized and expensive 
 hardware for playback or proprietary authoring tools for development. With 
 Sonic DesktopDVD, we have an affordable authoring and development tool that 
 allows us to create even the most challenging interactive tiles for kiosks."  
 BMW Uses DVD to Promote Its Hottest Newcomer, the Z3

 New York-based Zuma Digital has produced numerous kiosks and industrial 
 projects powered by DVD. To highlight BMW's "Z3" national ad campaign, Zuma 
 created a DVD-based three-kiosk installation for attendees of the most recent 
 VH1 Fashion Awards. Using leading-edge 3-D display technology and multiple 
 composited DVD streams, the company was able to create 3-D images without 
 requiring 3-D viewing glasses. The installation has also been used on a 
 national travelling BMW road tour.

 "Sonic DVD Creator offered us the flexibility to create a high-quality, 
 sophisticated installation on an extremely tight deadline," said David Anthony, 
 CEO of Zuma Digital. "With only three weeks to re-edit the original D1 
 material, integrate the show control system, and complete DVD production, we 
 were able to provide an exceptional solution for BMW. Our use of DVD Creator 
 allowed them to tap into the DVD format's power to deliver interactivity and 
 the highest-quality video and audio without having to resort to a cost-
 prohibitive digital video disc recorder system."  DVD Kiosks Become Widespread

 In addition to RISE Int'l and Zuma Digital, many other corporations, kiosk 
 developers and post-production facilities are producing DVD kiosks:

 --   Advanced Media Concepts (AMC), New York: For Lucent Technology,

      AMC is currently developing a multimedia videowall using DVD

      technology as its video source. The videowall will be used at

      Lucent's Conference Center located in Whippany, New Jersey and

      features a marketing demonstration that highlights the company's

      range of global services.

 --   C&C Interactive, Sweden: For the Nordic Trotting Museum, a newly

      opened attraction catering to equestrians and trotting

      enthusiasts, C&C produced a DVD installation designed to educate

      visitors about horses and the evolution of trotting and racing.

      The DVD, containing over 120 minutes of video, features the

      greatest trotting races in the world, as well as historical

      footage of Sweden's most renowned trotting tracks.

 --   Chicago Recording Company (CRC), Chicago: CRC recently completed

      a DVD kiosk project for Sam's Club, one of the nation's largest

      warehouse retailers. DVD-run kiosks presenting a menu of Sam's

      Club products and services were installed in approximately 500

      warehouse locations throughout the United States.

 --   Rainmaker Digital Pictures, Vancouver: For BC Hydro, Rainmaker

      produced a DVD-based display used at their power plants to inform

      and educate visitors on their products and services. A second DVD

      kiosk featuring the world of whales was installed at the

      Vancouver Aquarium.

 --   Videolab, Spain: For the Portugal World Expo '98, Videolab

      produced an interactive DVD display that instructs and informs

      visitors on the world's oceans and seas.

 About Sonic DesktopDVD

 Targeted at video professionals who create corporate video, training and 
 multimedia video productions, Sonic DesktopDVD is a single workstation which 
 provides all of the tools needed to create DVD-Video and DVD-ROM content. 
 DesktopDVD includes real-time MPEG-2 variable bit-rate and constant bit-rate 
 video encoding, Dolby Digital stereo audio encoding and editing, DVD-Video 
 authoring and formatting, and complete DVD-Video proofing.  About Sonic 

 Based in Novato, Sonic Solutions designs and manufactures tools to assist 
 video, audio and multimedia professionals in preparing music, video, film, 
 graphics and entertainment software. SonicStudio(TM) is the leading digital 
 audio workstation used around the world by audio professionals to prepare 
 recorded sound for release on Digital Audio Compact Disc, as well as to prepare 
 sound for film and video soundtracks and for broadcast on radio and television.

 Sonic DVD Creator is the leading professional system for producing content for 
 the DVD format, and has been used to create hundreds of DVD titles worldwide. 
 Sonic has been a leader in advancing DVD technology and is a full voting member 
 of the DVD Forum -- the standards-setting body for the DVD format. Sonic's home 
 page is

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