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nCUBE and Oracle Corp. Provide Key Ingredients for Multimedia Visitor Information System at EXPO '98 in Lisbon
(Business Wire; 08/27/98)

FOSTER CITY, CALIF. (Aug. 27) BUSINESS WIRE -Aug. 27, 1998--nCUBE and Oracle 
 Corp. (NASDAQ:ORCL) are together providing major video delivery components for 
 Portugal Telecom's extensive multimedia visitor information system at EXPO '98 
 in Lisbon, Portugal.

 70 information kiosks located throughout the vast EXPO '98 site provide 
 visitors with visually exciting direction, education and promotional material 
 that is updated daily.  Using video-capable touch screen terminals, visitors 
 are able to make a virtual journey through the EXPO, access videos-on-demand, 
 and receive information such as a three dimensional map of the site, listings 
 for events in Lisbon and surrounding areas, and programs for the 130 
 exhibitors. In addition, 500 multimedia personal computers (PCs) which are 
 connected to the system are available to exhibitors.

 The communication and information project was developed by Alcatel Telecom 
 Software & Services for Portugal Telecom. Integrating nCUBE, Oracle and other 
 third party components, this solution will be the starting point for Portugal 
 Telecom to introduce the Portuguese market to interactive multimedia services.  
 In this specific application for EXPO '98 the nCUBE video server, utilizing 
 Oracle(R) Video Server software, delivers broadcast quality MPEG video content 
 to the information kiosks and PCs.

 EXPO '98, which opened on May 22 and will run through the end of September, is 
 the last world's fair of this century. Approximately 150 countries and 
 international organizations, the highest ever recorded for this type of event, 
 are participating.  The total number of visitors is projected at nearly 8.5 

 "We have enjoyed working closely with Oracle and Alcatel at EXPO '98, certainly 
 one of this year's premier worldwide entertainment and educational events," 
 said Ian Johnstone, chief operating officer at nCUBE.  "The multimedia visitor 
 information system is just one example of the many ways that broadcast quality 
 video-on-demand, on a large scale, can be utilized today.  Using our combined 
 video delivery technology, versatility, and expertise, an nCUBE/Oracle solution 
 can be easily adapted to suit a wide variety of applications and networks."

 nCUBE's video servers are the only proven systems that are configurable to 
 deliver up to 20,000 broadcast quality MPEG video streams with a single system. 
  Product features include support for the major network architectures of the 
 video market, including ATM/STM-1, 10 or 100BaseT Ethernet, QAM, DVB, and ADSL.

 nCUBE video servers incorporate Oracle Video Server software. The Oracle Video 
 Server (OVS), with other Oracle products and services, is an end-to-end video 
 solution used in the broadcast and interactive television markets providing 
 telephone companies, broadcasters and cable TV operators a safe, reliable, step-
 by-step approach towards realizing new revenue through broadcast digital 
 television services.

 In addition, OVS offers a practical, cost-effective transition from analog to 
 digital while meeting broadcasters and cable TV operators' need for 
 reliability, speed, and quality.  The recently released Oracle Video Server 3.0 
 includes mission-critical features such as real-time video feeds and real-time 
 encoding, increased scalability, logical content management, a broadcast 
 scheduler for near-video-on-demand services, and VCR functionality.

 Founded in 1983, nCUBE is a privately held company specializing in broadcast 
 quality video delivery systems leading in performance, scalability and cost 
 effectiveness.  nCUBE's expertise and unique system scalability has made it the 
 video server of choice in the world's leading video-on-demand trials and 
 deployments.  As an Oracle Business Alliance Partner, nCUBE is solidly 
 positioned to meet the demands of a rapidly expanding interactive multimedia 
 marketplace. The company is based in Foster City, Calif., with offices 
 worldwide. For more information about nCUBE, please call 800-654-2823 or visit 
 our Worldwide Web site at

 Oracle Corp. is the world's leading supplier of software for information 
 management, and the world's second largest software company.  With annual 
 revenues of $7.1 billion, the company offers its database, application server, 
 tools and application products along with related consulting, education and 
 support services, in more than 140 countries around the world.  For more 
 information about Oracle, please call 650/506-7000.  Oracle's World Wide Web 
 address is

 A world leader in telecommunications systems and equipment, as well as related 
 cables and component activities, Alcatel operates in over 130 countries.  
 Alcatel provides complete solutions and services to operators, service 
 providers, enterprises and consumers, ranging from backbone networks to user 
 terminals.  For more information, visit Alcatel on Internet:

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