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BSQUARE Now Shipping CE EmbeddedDesktop -- One Month Ahead of Schedule; BSQUARE CE EmbeddedDesktop Provides Timesaving Desktop Design Tools for the Windows CE 2.1 Operating System
(Business Wire; 09/01/98)

BELLEVUE, WASH. (Sept. 1) BUSINESS WIRE -Sept. 1, 1998--Fully one month ahead 
 of schedule, BSQUARE Corporation began shipping the final version of its newest 
 product, the BSQUARE CE EmbeddedDesktop, to customers late last week.

 The BSQUARE CE EmbeddedDesktop is the world's first user interface builder for 
 embedded systems running the Windows CE operating system. Using the BSQUARE CE 
 EmbeddedDesktop, designers can create a customized user interface on embedded 

 "Windows CE is the operating system of choice on many smart devices in 
 development right now," explained Joe Notarangelo, vice president and general 
 manager of BSQUARE's Embedded Systems Group. "New products including Internet 
 appliances, industrial man-machine interface devices, kiosks, data collection 
 devices and more are requiring a user interface. The initial demand for the 
 BSQUARE CE EmbeddedDesktop over the last few weeks has been very high, and as a 
 result we stepped up our development process to ship customers the final 
 product as fast as possible."

 About BSQUARE CE EmbeddedDesktop

 Until now, it was necessary to design a customized user interface, or desktop, 
 almost from scratch. Now, the BSQUARE CE EmbeddedDesktop user interface builder 
 saves designers weeks, months, and in some cases, even a year in design time. 
 Early product feedback from initial customers give this product an "A for ease 
 of use," where the CE EmbeddedDesktop enabled them to successfully develop a 
 user interface in less than a day.

 Developers begin with the default or sample embedded desktops provided in the 
 toolkit. The next step is to use the simple text-based Embedded Desktop 
 Language to program the "look and feel" of the desktop. The program is compiled 
 using the included Embedded Desktop Language Compiler, and the new image is a 
 space-saving size of less than 230K.

 The BSQUARE CE EmbeddedDesktop is available for a $9,995.00 site license. Run-
 time royalties will be negotiated with individual customers based on unit 

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