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(PR Newswire; 09/01/98)

ORLANDO, Fla., Sept. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Caldera today announced at Thinergy '98 
 the availability of Caldera's compact, Year 2000-compliant embedded operating 
 system, DR-DOS, with Citrix Systems, Inc.'s (Nasdaq: CTXS) Independent 
 Computing Architecture (ICA ).  The combination of DR-DOS and Citrix's ICA 
 technology provides a thin client solution for Citrix MetaFrame and WinFrame 
 thin client/server environments.  With DR-WebSpyder (Caldera's graphical HTML 
 browser) and Caldera's TCP/IP stack, OEMs have a full connectivity solution for 
 embedded x86 devices, such as Internet set-tops, network computers, interactive 
 kiosks, smart phones and Internet appliances.

 "Caldera continues to aggressively enhance DR-DOS with technologies for the 
 embedded market," said Roger Gross, general manager of Caldera, Inc.'s Thin 
 Client Division.  "By joining DR-DOS and Citrix ICA, Caldera and Citrix have 
 created the ideal, low-risk platform for a new class of powerful, low-resource 
 thin clients."

 Janice Roberts, director of client business development at Citrix, Inc., said, 
 "DR-DOS is a proven platform for thin client vendors seeking a reliable, 
 compact solution.  The existence of thousands of DOS engineers and DOS 
 development tools greatly simplifies the integration and delivery of DR-DOS- 
 based ICA thin clients."

 The advanced extended memory management capabilities of DR-DOS creates an 
 extremely flexible execution environment for developers utilizing Citrix's ICA 
 technology in 32-bit protected mode implementations.

     About DR-DOS 7.02

     DR-DOS is a ROMable, Y2K-compliant operating system and includes a

 Y2K ROM BIOS fix.  DR-DOS also includes multitasking and major enhancements to 
 power management, including support of the Microsoft/Intel APM specification 
 integrated with Caldera's patented idle-detection system.  DR-DOS provides both 
 16-bit and 32-bit protected mode execution environments with low system 
 requirements.  DR-DOS adds new life to 386/486 systems and creates an ultra-
 compact environment for thin client embedded devices.  Embedded OEMs that 
 utilizes the combination of DR-WebSpyder and DR-DOS can reduce their time-to-
 market by leveraging the large number of experienced developers and proven 
 development tools for DOS.

     About Thinergy '98

     Thinergy, the first global conference on thin-client/server

 computing, is being held in Orlando, Fla., September 1-3, 1998.  Hosted by 
 Citrix Systems, Inc., Thinergy will educate end-users, resellers, and 
 integrators about developing and deploying solutions, applications and devices 
 for a server-based computing architecture.

     Contact Information

     Caldera's Thin Client Division at the company's United States

 headquarters at (888) GO-DR-DOS (888-463-7367) or (801) 765-4999, or at 
 Caldera's Taipei  sales office by calling 886-2-2747-8800, extension 232, or 

 E-mail to "[email protected]," and bookmark Caldera's Web site at

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