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Ceridian Employer Services Chosen by Land O'Lakes for Total Human Resource Solution
(Business Wire; 08/31/98)

New HR/Payroll, Tax Filing and Employee Self Service System Will  Improve 
Efficiency, Reduce Costs  Ceridian Employer Services
announced it will provide an integrated,
comprehensive suite of products and services as part of a  software and 
technology outsourcing agreement with Land O'Lakes,
Inc. that focuses on a total human resource/payroll management  system 
solution. Ceridian will provide Land O'Lakes' 10,000
employees located in more than 40 states with a human  resource/payroll 
information system (HRIS) that will allow for
complete information exchange for benefits, payroll processing  and tax filing. 

The new system will reduce the cost of benefit
administration, payroll processing and tax filing, as well as  develop an 
employee self service environment resulting in more
timely updates to employee data and less support time spent on  routine 
administrative paperwork. Jack Martin, vice president of
human resources, Land O'Lakes, said the company chose Ceridian  Employer 
Services because of its reputation as an industry
leader, history of unmatched service and support, and ability to  provide a 
total solution for the company's needs. "Our company
wanted a partner who could provide a total, integrated solution,  that would be 
ready for the Year 2000 in advance of the
millennium," said Martin. "Ceridian is supplying Land O'Lakes  with a total 
solution that will help them leverage the latest
HR/payroll and employee self service technology," said Robert  Digby, senior 
vice president of marketing, Ceridian Employer
Services. "We are very committed to our partnership with Land  O'Lakes and to 
providing a multi-product solution that is
efficient and cost-effective, with the flexibility to integrate  future 
products. As part of the agreement, we will be working
with the company's HR/payroll staff to provide training and  ensure a smooth 
transition to the new systems." Digby noted that
by outsourcing its HR/payroll and tax filing processes, Land  O'Lakes will save 
transaction costs. The interactive employee
self service and workflow solutions will transfer many of the  traditional 
HR/payroll functions to employees, helping Land
O'Lakes reduce the time spent on administrative paperwork and  enable 
HR/payroll managers to focus on developing company
strategy. "When we looked at all our options, it was important  for us to 
redirect our technology resources from maintaining a
highly customized, in-house product to focusing on growth  initiatives," said 
Martin. "We also wanted the new system to be
operational by the first of the year, and Ceridian stepped up to  the 

The target date to implement the integrated solution is December  1998.  Multi-
product Solution  --   Scalable, Oracle-based "front
office" HRIS solution with superior
interface and reporting tools to provide a single set of  payroll/HR records.  -
 -   Powerful "back office" outsourcing service
integrated with Land O'Lakes' new front office application to ensure timely, accurate  payroll 
processing.  --   System for filing payroll tax returns on behalf of Land O'Lakes
and its employees and processing payments to the Internal Revenue  Service 
(IRS), the Social Security Administration and other
municipalities and regulatory bodies that impose taxes on Land  O'Lakes' 
payroll.  --   Suite of inter-related, employee self service
applications that will give Land O'Lakes employees and managers direct access to  information. 
Employees will be able to interact with the
applications through telephone, touch-screen kiosks, desktop PCs,  and 
Internet/Intranet technologies.

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