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Vol. 1 Issue #2 -------------- September 1, 1998

Offering news and tips concerning the Public Internet 
Industry.  Each month we will bring you the latest information on 
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While placing Internet Vending Machines(IVMs) is lucrative in its own 
right, it is no substitute for the rock-solid revenue potential from 

You all have seen the infamous "diner placemats".  A simple piece of 
paper that protects the table, as well as educates the patron on a 
variety of topics.  It will teach you everything from the power of 
bee pollen to the best place to buy beer. 

What's my point?  You simply couldn't ask for a more captive audience 
than this!

People sit and wait for their food or drinks.  They're bored.  Sure 
there's casual dinner conversation, but that gets as stale as the 
toast they're waiting to feast upon.  THEY READ THOSE MATS LIKE IT'S 

So how do IVMs fit in?

Bottom line is this - the IVM is the "diner placemat" of the future. 
It offers an interactive advertising platform like none other.  This 
placemat can provide information in an entertaining format.  The 
patron can "click" on the ads to find out more about any product or 
service they so choose.

How do you approach a business and ask them to advertise on your IVM?

Just tell them the facts:
- The IVM is an innovative new product sure to get noticed
- People are curious about the Internet
- Most feature-rich advertisements available in the market today
- Best Value when compare to traditional media
- Portions of their existing web site can be showcased

How will you benefit?

- Fixed income - not dependent on machine usage
- Very low overhead for incorporating ads (HTML based advertisements)
- Can choose locations with very targeted markets (i.e., coffee 
drinkers in cafes)
- Just another value added service offered by the same machine.

Advertising revenue may be icing on the cake for some locations, but 
others may produce enough of an income to pay for the machine 
entirely!  You could offer FREE Public Internet Access thanks to the 
following sponsor(s) __________ .

Why not dedicated a machine to offering only the web pages of the 
sponsor(s)?  They basically would be leasing the machine from you.  
Your job is to keep it operational.  They will take care of the 
content, because the "advertisement" is their very own website that 
they update themselves.

Can you see the potential here?

Now multiply that times a large number of machines, and you'll see 
why I say that Advertising is the key to unlocking THE VAULT.

Best of Success to all our readers. 

IVM Manual is now available for sale at the Web Site.

This guide offers all of the information necessary to start your own
Internet Vending Business.  Everything from placement contracts to
bulk mailing samples is included in this package.  How many businesses
can you start for $59?  This price gets you started on the ground
floor of a revolutionary new communications product.  Why not get
started today?

Next Month's Issue -  Which Payment Mechanism for which location?
Ben Mannino
Media 1 Inc.

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