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Small businesses stopping off at Intel's Internet Station
(Dominion; 08/24/98)

CHIPMAKER Intel says its new InBusiness Internet Station, which provides 
 multi-user access to the Net, is proving to be a big hit with small businesses.

    The uptake has been very good, says Grant Finer, Intel's Auckland- based 
 network engineer.

    The Internet Station, launched in February, fits quite well into New Zealand 
 small businesses, he says.

    The unit is installed between a hub, or switch, on a PC network and an 
 outside telephone line, says Mr Finer, and becomes the default gateway for the 

    It allows customers to access the Internet simultaneously through a single 
 Internet service provider and one phone line.

    The station supports both analogue and ISDN (integrated services digital 
 network) connectivity, and allows users to send and receive e-mail messages.

    Two additional analogue PC card modems can be used for faxing, accessing 
 bulletin boards, and getting into commercial online databases.

    While accessing the Net, users can run applications on their computers and 
 share files, and the like, on their network as they would normally do, says Mr 

    Moller Yamaha, which imports and distributes a range of Yamaha products in 
 New Zealand, has an Internet Station.

    According to Stuart Herbert, Moller Yamaha's system administrator, 
 installation was hassle-free.

    "We plugged it in and within three-quarters of an hour we were up and 
 running," he says.

    Ease of implementation and, coupled with cost-effectiveness, were the key 
 reasons why the company bought the station, he says.

    Previously, the company had just one PC to provide Internet access which was 
 a major inconvenience for all the staff who had to use the Internet, he says.

    They had to traipse down the hall, dial up the Internet access company, and 
 wait for access, says Mr Herbert.

    The Intel In-Business Internet Station is distributed by Tech Pacific and 
 Electronic Resources.

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