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(PR Newswire; 09/09/98)

SEAL BEACH, Calif., Sept. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Ecotek, 330 Main Street, Suite 201, 
 Seal Beach, California has completed Phase One in the deployment of the Long 
 Beach Kiosk Network (LBKN).  This installation of 8 community information 
 kiosks was completed in August, 1998.  The entire project consists of 19 kiosks 
 and is scheduled to be completed by the end of the year.

 These kiosks provide a wealth of information for visitors, businesses and 
 residents.  "The kiosks are a unique way for visitors to find out what our fine 
 city has to offer", said Greg Roche, co-president of Ecotek.  "For the first 
 time, entertainment guides, community event calendars, and restaurant and 
 shopping information are available at your fingertips".

 The Phase One kiosks have been installed in a variety of prestigious locations 
 in Long Beach and the surrounding area.  These locations include: 1.) Long 
 Beach Airport Marriott; 2.) Long Beach Airport; 3.) Long Beach City Hall; 4.) 
 Compton City Hall (2 kiosks); 5.) Harriman Jones Medical Group, Long Beach; 6.) 
 Long Beach Community Medical Center; and 7.) Aeroplex Aviation, Long Beach.

 Ecotek is a leader in the field of information kiosks for traveler information, 
 tourism, community affairs and other markets.  Locally, Ecotek has partnered 
 with a local Agency to create the Long Beach Kiosk Network.  For more 
 information please visit their web site, or contact Fred 
 Thompson, Marketing Director, at 562-626-8200 or [email protected] 

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