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MicroTouch Wins Deal for Computer Displays With Australia's Leading Retailer Coles Myer
(Business Wire; 09/03/98)

World's Largest Supermarket Application                        of Touchscreens

 MicroTouch Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:MTSI) today announced that Coles Myer Ltd., 
 Australia's largest retailing group and one of the top 25 retailers in the 
 world, has awarded a contract to MicroTouch for touch-enabled and custom flat-
 panel displays.

 In the initial phase of the contract, MicroTouch will supply approximately 
 4,000 displays over a 12-to-18-month period for what MicroTouch and Coles Myer 
 believe is the world's largest supermarket application of touchscreen flat-
 panel displays. Implementation of the new displays will begin in early 1999 in 
 Coles Myer's 550 supermarkets, which employ more than 60,000 staff and serve 
 more than five million customers every week. MicroTouch Australia won the 
 contract after a six-month, in-store trial.

 The displays will be integrated with point-of-sale (POS) terminals as part of 
 an ambitious "New Store Environment" program to improve customer service and 
 cut transaction costs in all Coles Myer retail operations, which include more 
 than 1,800 stores and generate more than A$20 billion in annual revenues.

 "This is a tremendous strategic win for us. Because Coles Myer is a true 
 luminary in the global retail industry, their innovative approach to using 
 touchscreen displays in supermarket point-of-sale applications is bound to 
 foster an industry-wide adoption of touch solutions," said Wes Davis, 
 MicroTouch president and chief executive officer. "This win is a clear 
 reflection of how we partner with other leading suppliers from around the world 
 to deliver the right solution."

 "We selected MicroTouch because the company met all of our technical criteria, 
 and demonstrated a firm commitment to meet our high standards of quality," said 
 Ian Goch, general manager of systems development at Coles Myer, and director of 
 the New Store Environment team.  New Store Environment

 Coles Myer is widely recognized as a leading innovator in the use of technology 
 aimed at providing customers with a faster, efficient, and more convenient 
 shopping experience. The Coles Myer New Store Environment is a multi-year 
 project to replace various proprietary retail information systems with industry-
 standard systems based on Fujitsu ICL's GlobalStore and Microsoft ActiveStore 
 enterprise platforms. Coles Myer determined the front-end touchscreen 
 applications are key components, and is developing them in-house.

 In the Coles Myer supermarket application, two MicroTouch displays will be 
 configured at each checkout aisle. Store clerks will process purchases with the 
 assistance of a touchscreen display to select fresh produce represented by 
 pictures, while customers will be able to view their transactions and 
 commercial advertising on the standard displays.

 The easy-to-use touchscreen applications are designed to save time, improve 
 productivity and customer satisfaction, and reduce staff training costs. In the 
 sale of fresh produce, for example, a conventional checkout system requires the 
 clerk to find a four-digit product code and price from a printed list, then 
 enter the code via a keyboard.

 With the new system, a clerk can enter the same information simply by touching 
 the appropriate icon on the screen, in only a fraction of the time of the 
 conventional method.

 Because fresh produce is represented by color pictures, accuracy improves 
 dramatically. Most Coles Myer supermarkets carry more than 500 fresh produce 
 items. Some of these, such as potatoes and apples, have several varieties, 
 making the process of identifying the correct product price a complex process. 
 Under the new system, checkout staff can immediately recognize items by their 
 pictures and process them with a touch. When stores offer new or seasonal 
 products, the networked system can be updated with new graphical images easily 
 and quickly from a central location. In addition, the intuitive touchscreen 
 interface will reduce substantially the costs and time related to staff 

 The touchscreen application will also help speed payment procedures with 
 options represented by icons. One such touch option is a price inquiry function 
 that enables the clerk to perform a price check for customers.

 The MicroTouch flat-panel displays are based on state-of-the-art LCD (liquid 
 crystal display) technology and sold under the TruePoint Profile brand name. 
 All displays will be assembled in MicroTouch Australia's headquarters and 
 manufacturing operations in Mulgrave, Victoria.

 The touch-enabled displays will feature TouchTek, a proprietary 5-wire 
 resistive touchscreen that is the industry's fastest and most accurate. 
 TouchTek enables users to activate the touchscreen with virtually any input 
 device, including a finger, gloved hand, credit card, or stylus. About 
 MicroTouch Systems

 MicroTouch Systems, Inc. is the world leader in computer touch-input solutions, 
 offering an array of innovative products based on capacitive, resistive, and 
 other touch technologies. Founded in 1982, MicroTouch reported sales of $128.5 
 million in 1997. With its headquarters and ISO 9001-certified manufacturing 
 plant in Methuen, Mass., MicroTouch also maintains manufacturing facilities in 
 New York, the United Kingdom, Japan, Taiwan, and Australia, along with sales 
 offices and distributors in numerous other countries. The MicroTouch Web site 
 address is  About Coles Myer

 Coles Myer Ltd., is Australia's largest retailer, with annual sales of more 
 than A$20 billion. The company operates more than 1,800 stores in Australia and 
 New Zealand, including the following retail brands: Coles Supermarkets, Bi-Lo, 
 Pick N Pay, Newmart, Myer Grace Bros, Myer Direct, Kmart, Target, Fosseys, 
 Liquorland, Red Rooster, Katies, and Officeworks. Coles Myer is listed on the 
 stock exchanges in Australia, New York, London, and New Zealand, and is 
 Australia's largest non-government employer with more than 148,000 staff. The 
 company is Australian-owned, with a head office in Melbourne, Victoria. The 
 Coles Myer Web site address is

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