Vol. 1 Issue #6                         January 1, 1999

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INTERNET CONNECTIVITY - Which Connection to Choose?

Decisions, decisions.

This decision was a no-brainer about a year
ago.  Its no where near as tough as it going
to be next year!

We're talking about getting your Internet Vending
Machine (IVM) connected to the Internet.  There
are now more choices than ever for plugging
in to the Net.

The first and most popular choice is a straight
Analog Dial-Up Connection.  This is the default
connection for most locations as it widely available
and inexpensive compared to other solutions.  Even the
smallest towns and most remote areas offer at least
a 33.6K dial up service.

There are disadvantages to using this service.  For 
one, the popularity of dial-up causes problems like
busy signals and dropped connections.  These are 
especially problematic during the high traffic hours
after 4 PM.  Second, analog connections take
sometimes as long as 45 seconds to connect.  This
can be frustrating to a busy individual who has
paid for time on the machine.  They want their
information yesterday.

To improve upon these problems, a digital connection
like ISDN could be used.  ISDN offers 2 communication
channels at 64K, for a combined speed of 128K.  This
will speed up access considerably, as well as improve 
the quality and duration of the connection.

Whats not so hot about ISDN ? Mainly cost and
availability.  While prices on the service continue
to fall, it still comes at a significant premium to
Analog.  Many smaller towns and rural areas don't
have access to digital service, so it's not even 
an option.  Other areas have ISDN service available
but very few, if any, ISPs that support digital
connections.  Research carefully before going

Now for the fun stuff.

Cable and ADSL.  Mark my words, this is going to be the
battle of 1999.

Cable modems have already made their mark.  Yours
truly has been using one for a year and a half, and
can attest to its incredible combination of price
and performance.  For about $35 a month, it provides
high speed internet access (10Mbps) and doesn't
tie up a phone line.  Most services time out after
24 hours of idle time, but otherwise remain connected.

Problems with Cable?  Availability and Commercial
Applications.  Cable modems require two-way capable
lines which are still not widely available.  Also,
most locations that offer Cable modems are for
residential use only.   Check with your local cable
company to resolve these issues in your area.

ADSL, as defined in the ADSL Forum (

"Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. ADSL is a modem 
technology that transforms ordinary phone lines 
(also known as "twisted copper pairs") into high-speed 
digital lines for ultra-fast Internet access. ADSL 
also enables access to corporate networks for 
telecommuters, as well as exciting new interactive 
multimedia applications such as multiplayer gaming, 
video on demand and video catalogs..."

"..ADSL provides speeds up to 8 Mbps downstream 
(to the user) and up to 1 Mbps upstream, 
depending upon line length and loop and 
line conditions..."

The biggest benefit of ADSL is that it "piggy-backs"
over existing phone lines, and remains connected
24/7!  There is no doubt that this will become THE
choice for IVMs everywhere.  

While not widely available right now, look for 
massive growth in the next year.  If you can find
ADSL, hook up an IVM and cash in on it!

Hope you find this information useful.
Please feel free to email me your questions
and comments.

May 1999 be an exceptional year of opportunity
for all!  Best of luck to you.

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