Internet Kiosk Software SiteKiosk 2.5 is available for download!

After 2 month of betatesting in Germany, we translated SiteKiosk into the
international english version. A free evaluation copy is ready for download
(2.5 MB).
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What is new in 2.5?

Extension of Access Options:
- Optimization of the cache function. Even Searches and CGI-calls are now
cached in off-line mode. (Example:

Log Files:
- almost any operation is added to the log file. The software automatically
generates summaries and e-mails these summaries to you at the end of the

Management of Dialogs and Windows
- You are in charge of dialogs. You decide which windows are allowed or

Executable Programs
- You can start and close safe programs, like mIRC, from within SiteKiosk.

Comprehensive Coin Checking System
- soon you will be able to cash in with the Webfinacer Kit

Open Window
- SiteKiosk allows the opening of multiple windows.

Address Bar
- can be removed, leaving only the symbol bar.

Touch Screen
- you may optionally only show the scroll buttons

Touch Screen
- automatic cut out through META command.

- you may arbitrarily define headers and footers

- you may add any promotional message to e-mails

Animation Link
- The animation link in the browser bar is arbitrarily definable.

- The Favorites bar can be removed completely

On-line Help
- was completely redone.

- can be optionally activated for test purposes.

Optional Exit-Button
-SiteKiosk can now be started from within other applications and can be
ended automatically. In addition, one can optionally mount an "end-button"
onto the toolbar.

You may freely choose and set the screen resolution.

The repeat action by continued pressing-down of the touchscreen keypad
functions now.

SiteKiosk now displays the loading progress.

Automatic reload of the homepage and mouse cut outs in screensaver mode are
now optional.

You may adjust the time frame before SiteKiosk restarts, after a lock up.

The monitoring program SKRemote.exe was improved and does not impact any
external programs anymore.

Dipl. Betrw. Christoph Niehus
     - General Manager -
SiteKiosk Development Team
Email:     [email protected]

Company Address:
ProVisio GmbH
Division SiteKiosk
Mendelstr. 11
48149 Muenster
Fon: +49 251 9802147
Fax: +49 251 9802145
Email: [email protected]