- Advanced Cutting edge Technology provides Public Internet Access -


Empowering public with internet data access to information and
services is emerging as the new technology hotbed. Integrating
Internet Access with simplicity is key to the success of Web Enabled

Info Touch provides this solution with exciting new developments 
that strive to differentiate itself from the standard public browsers
in the market place today.
Package #1: Surfnet

Surfnet encompasses a complete marketing program and incentives
to help excellerate rapid growth in public internet access kiosks
within your area.

Package #2: Netlock98

Netlock is complete secure public internet package designed for
individuals who want to setup their own kiosks and hardware.

Netlock is being used by over 2000 Internet terminals all over the
world. Although first created for cybercafé Internet access, Netlock98
is ideal for a variety of applications such as public kiosks, schools,
universities, governments, Internet gaming/entertainment centres
(arcades), etc...



Netlock98 6.0 Overview

Once again Netlock unleashes original features not found in any other
package, benefits and enhancements - overview...

Netlock is a multi-faceted Internet Kiosk or "cyber-management" /
security program which facilitates and streamlines pay per use
interaction with the Internet utilizing any form of payment. (Netlock
will accept payment via coins, bills, credit card, pre-paid Internet
Card, and/or Smart Card)

The self-contained nature of Netlock98 allows for customization of the

Main Interface. Therefore the entire functionality as well as the
graphical look of the system can be easily customized to suit your
companies look and feel.

Its impressive list of features range all the way from a built-in
accounting and revenue-tracking feature to an impenetrable security

In Netlock98, Info Touch Corp. has seamlessly integrated a management
control system with an easy to use interface, and a host of impressive


Netlock Secure Browser:

Netlock 98, now comes with it's own browser.  This custom browser
inhibits your patrons from changing preferences once implemented.
This public access protection feature will also stop any file
extensions such as: exe or zip files from being downloaded, but will
allow all HTML links to function. Any file extensions existing now or
to be developed in the future, can be blocked by simply adding the new
extension to our database.

HTML Hotlinks on Main Interface:

Netlock 98 now allows desktop hot link buttons to also be HTML links
as well as graphics. This enables advertisements to be static images,
multiple graphic formats, text, links, sound, and/or video to be
stored on the local machine.This feature will open many new avenues
for promotion and advertising.

Netlock's Email:

Comes complete with visual E-mail...support for Connectix Cameras,
Creative Labs, or USR's. When a customer selects to send Email the
camera is automatically envoked and incorporated into our software
showing a live visual of the customers image and attached to the Email
to be sent.

New On screen Keyboard available Now ! (Free No Charge !!! )

The following is a partial list of Netlock/Surfnet Features:

* NT Managment control center available
* Windows 95/98 Desktop, task bars, and drives are invisible.
* YK2000 compliant
* Simple Point and Click interface.
* Reboot sequence is disabled (Ctrl+Alt+Del) and combinations.
* Hard drive and program misuse and exploration by unauthorized users 
* Runs DOS/Windows Games great for paid online games.
* Multiple level security clearance system (20 options can be enabled 
  or disabled appropriately  depending on employee/level of access you
allow, drives, files  etc....
* Limits customer access to specific programs defined by
* Monitors access to system, by both employees and customers.
* Automatically tracks the usage, and revenues generated, for each
* Complete Built-in  Accounting System (Sends daily financials)
* Programmable cost and time limit functions. Multiple Prices for 
  days/times are possible
* Tracks amount of time sold by each employee.
* Compatible with all modes of payment: coins, bills, credit cards,
debit  cards, smart cards etc. Netlock will accept a pulse signal from
any coin  or bill mechanisms.  This includes credit card log-ins and
smart card readers.
* Provides the ability to pre-sell and track, block time purchases
with discounts.
* Alerts the customer when the remaining time on the station is
nearing expiration.
* Enables on-screen advertisement with Interactive Graphics and an
attract loop.
* Full Email sending and receiving capability With Camera Support
(Parallel or Serial)
* Member Setup- Similar to an ATM  (allows customers to setup their
own accounts and passwords  unattended
* Provides dial-up or dedicated line access, ISDN, ADSL, Cable Modem
* Delivered with "ready installed" software options
* Full Video Email
* Touch Screen Ready
* On Screen Keyboard, several languages, more may be added

Please Note: Netlock/Surfnet contains many other functions not listed,
users can configure features needed based on the application 
(not all features have to be used)

If you have any suggestions, praise or other comments please do not
hesitate to let us know.  Suggestions involving the functionality of
the software will be closely looked at.  The top suggestion will
recieve a fully loaded copy of Netlock98 Software.  New winners will
be chosen every month. After all Netlock98/Surfnet was designed by
owners not just programmers.

Jeff Snider