ObjectSoft Licenses ScreenPlay as a New Feature for Its FastTake(TM) Internet-Based Video Kiosks

06:15 a.m. Jan 08, 1999 Eastern

HACKENSACK, N.J., Jan. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- ObjectSoft Corporation (Nasdaq: OSFT) announced today that it has licensed superior quality video trailers from ScreenPlay Incorporated for its new Internet-based FastTake(TM) video kiosk, the latest development in the retail video industry.

Arriving in stores across the US and Canada over the next 60 days, the addition of ScreenPlay's trailers is part of an ongoing effort to make FastTake a valuable tool to retailers, ObjectSoft said.

"This solidifies ObjectSoft's position as the provider of the most innovative video sales aid and customer service tool available today," said ObjectSoft Chairman and CEO David E. Y. Sarna. "In-store use of FastTake will allow retailers to reach out to their customers in a new and exciting way."

"ScreenPlay is the premier provider of in-store electronic merchandising for video retailers," said George Febish, President and co-CEO of ObjectSoft Corporation. New developments in DVD technology combined with ObjectSoft's proprietary integration efforts allow consumers to easily tap into ScreenPlay's vast library of trailers bringing a new purchasing experience to customers."

Already unique in the industry, the FastTake video kiosk is housed in a futuristic enclosure that displays product and signage. A user-friendly touch screen allows customers to search Video Detective's database by title, actor, director, rating, and genre. The onscreen search experience delivers a plot summary, the corresponding trailer, box art and related facts and statistics from thousands of videos.

The software for FastTake can allow for database updates, cross promotion between studio and retailer, advertising, multiple rental promotion, point-of-purchase promotion and demographic targeting to benefit the store owner. FastTake installation and servicing are provided by IBM Corporation. Built with the latest Microsoft Corporation development tools and Internet platform, it will soon support electronic commerce (E-commerce) as well.

About ObjectSoft

Founded in 1990, ObjectSoft Corporation provides information and services through public access kiosks. The Company's products, FastTake and SmartSign(TM) kiosks enable organizations to interact with the general public in high density pedestrian traffic areas. ObjectSoft is a publicly held company listed on Nasdaq. For more information on ObjectSoft, visit their website at http://www.objectsoft.net.

About ScreenPlay

Founded in 1990, ScreenPlay Incorporated is a privately-held company headquartered in Seattle, WA. The firm specializes in providing in-store merchandising programs for movie, game and music retailers. ScreenPlay is currently servicing over 3,000 stores in North America, including Rogers Video of Canada, Hastings Books, Music and Video, and The Musicland Group.

This press release contains certain forward-looking statements concerning ObjectSoft which are subject to a number of known and unknown risks that could cause actual results, performance and achievements to differ materially from those described or implied in the forward-looking statements. Among such risks are those discussed in the Company's Registration Statements on Form SB-2 and Form S-3 and its Quarterly Reports on Form 10-QSB and include, but are not limited to, limited operating history, recent establishment of new business divisions, dependence on new and untested product, risks related to technological factors and potential manufacturing difficulties. SOURCE ObjectSoft Corporation

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