NetPack, New Internet Packaging System, Allows Consumers To Buy Internet Merchandise at Retail Stores Without Computer

10:15 a.m. Jan 13, 1999 Eastern

COSTA MESA, Calif., Jan. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- NetPack, Inc. ( today it has developed NetPack(TM), an Internet packaging system that allows consumers to buy Internet merchandise and services at traditional retail stores, and without the need of a computer or Internet hook-up at the time of purchase.

NetPack, Inc. also announced that on March 1 it will be releasing six titles in its planned series of legal self-help information books. Each book in its series will be sold using NetPack(TM) to demonstrate the viability of the company's Internet packaging system.

Additionally, NetPack announced it plans to develop 'The NetPack Store,' a kiosk point-of-sale retailing program for shopping malls. 'The NetPack Store' kiosks will retail NetPack products, as well as selected Internet products and services using the NetPack system. The company said it will test market 'The NetPack Store' kiosk concept by early spring.

"Consumers are beginning to use the Internet as a means to shop," Frank Jakubaitis, president of NetPack, Inc. said, "but they still do most of their shopping at stores and malls. At the same time, some traditional retailers are concerned that down the road they may lose marketshare to online retailers. We have developed a proprietary packaging system that can benefit traditional and online retailers, while allowing the consumer to shop both channels."

NetPack(TM) also addresses consumer concerns about using credit card numbers over the Internet, he said. With NetPack(TM), purchases are made at a store's cash register, where customers not only can pay with a credit card, but with a debit card, check or cash.

"We know that consumer concerns about giving credit card numbers over the Internet will lessen over the next few years, but in the meantime those concerns are hindering Internet sales," Jakubaitis said. "Our NetPack(TM) system can help hurdle that barrier."

How NetPack(TM) Works

The key to NetPack(TM) is a password and authentication code combination found printed behind a perforated fold-down panel on the back of each package. Each NetPack(TM) Internet package is issued its own combination.

After purchasing the package, the customer points his or her browser to the website offering the product. Following instructions at the website, the customer enters the combination to receive the product or service.

"NetPack(TM) is roughly the same size as an old five-and-a-quarter-inch floppy, and is designed to hang on a display rack at a store or kiosk," he said. "The front of the package provides space for the product image and key selling features and benefits. The back panel provides space for additional product information, and of course, the perforated section behind which is printed the access combination.

"What we have created with NetPack(TM) is a package with no product inside, but that can be used to sell an almost unlimited number of products and services, no matter what size or shape," he added.

Potential Uses For NetPack(TM)

Jakubaitis suggested that Internet retailers can use NetPack(TM) to sell books, music, subscriptions, memberships, continuing education, NetScript(TM) or even use NetPack(TM) as a prepaid gift certificate that can be handed to someone, mailed or redeemed by the purchaser.

Internet products presented in the NetPack(TM) format might be sold at convenience stores, gasoline stations, supermarkets, office supply outlets or mall kiosks, he added.

"The Internet allows us to electronically go just about anywhere, and find just about anything," he said. "But because of its virtual nature, you have to shop in front of a computer screen. With NetPack(TM), online retailers now can break free of the computer, and offer their products anywhere the customer goes."

About NetPack, Inc.

NetPack, Inc., headquartered in Costa Mesa, Calif., is an Internet packaging and distribution company that has developed a proprietary database and packaging system for the off-line sale of Internet products and services. Additional company information can be found at NetPack's website at SOURCE NetPack, Inc.

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