Lucent Technologies Announces New  Internet-Based Videoconferencing   System,  
                           Lucent Collaborative Video                           
                       (Business Wire; 01/19/99)                       

MURRAY HILL, N.J. (Jan. 19) BUSINESS WIRE -Jan. 19, 1999--Lucent Technologies 
today announced an innovation in Internet-based videoconferencing that delivers 
high-quality video and audio to multiple parties in a low-cost PC-based 
solution.  With the Lucent Collaborative Video system, customers can extend 
their existing Internet Protocol (IP) networks to include seamless multipoint 
video meetings (in NTSC or PAL), real-time application sharing, and management 
and storage of video.

The first customers for the system are: Click3X, a New York City-based 
postproduction facility; Agora Interactive, a PC-based entertainment company 
based in Louisville, Kentucky, and Telemedicine Solutions, International in 
Silver Spring, Maryland.

The Lucent Collaborative Video system, designed and developed at Bell Labs, 
Lucent's research and development arm, has been tested over the past three 
years in high-profile global collaborative trials.

"Customers want Internet solutions for their communications needs, and this 
extends to high-quality videoconferencing.  The Lucent Collaborative Video 
system delivers an ideal toolkit for next-generation Internet video,"  said Bob 
Gaglianello, the system's inventor and a member of the Bell Labs multimedia 
communications research department.  "This system is a piece of the larger 
broadband communications revolution that Lucent is leading.  The technical and 
creative freedoms that are unleashed with this system will make Internet video 
communication as seamless tomorrow as e-mail is today."

The Lucent Collaborative Video system is a hardware and software solution that 
uses proprietary algorithms from Bell Labs to simultaneously encode and 
compress the video at multiple resolutions along with audio.  It supports three 
resolutions, from 160x120 to 640x480 at selectable frame rates ranging from 30 
frames per second (fps) to 0.1 fps.

Lucent Collaborative Video sells for between $3,000 and $4,000, depending on 
configuration.  The product will be sold through Lucent's Datanetworking 
Systems sales force ( and through D&A Integrated Solutions, 
Inc.  (704-377-5009; "The next generation of the Internet will 
see greater collaboration between people, rather than the storage and retrieval 
of information,"  said Sid Ahuja, director of the Multimedia Communications 
Research Laboratory at Bell Labs.  "The commercial release of Lucent 
Collaborative Video is a significant milestone for the video industry."

The system supports Motion-JPEG, MPEG-1, H.263/261, and T.120 standards and 
requires Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 95 and Service Pack 3, as well as a Pentium 
5 or better with 64 MB RAM and TCP/IP network adapter. For more information on 
the Lucent Collaborative Video system, visit the Web site at

"Lucent Collaborative Video demonstrates Lucent's commitment to commercializing 
Bell Labs innovations,"  said Allen Eisdorfer, technical supervisor with the 
Bell Labs Research Effectiveness department.  "Bell Labs has a long history of 
groundbreaking video work, and the Lucent Collaborative Video system is part of 
this heritage."  POST-PRODUCTION

Click3X, part of the IllusionFusion group of digital media companies, delivers 
digital effects, animation, and broadcast design services for clients ranging 
from Sony to ITT Industries.

With offices in New York, San Francisco, Atlanta, and Los Angeles, Click3X 
wants to maintain real-time relationships with remote clients. The Lucent 
Collaborative Video system allows Click3X to maintain continuous creative 
sessions with those clients, whether in California or Tokyo.  Preliminary edits 
of commercials can be displayed through LCV, eliminating the need to ship tapes 
back and forth through overnight mail.

"The Lucent Collaborative Video system eliminates the boundaries between client 
and production house in a way that makes the entire creative process more 
engaging,"  said Chuck Heuer, Vice President and National Director of 
Technology for Click3X.  "We want to develop the first interactive post-
production studio in the industry, and we now feel that, through Lucent, we can 
deliver this to our customers." INTERACTIVE GAMING

The $22 billion interactive coin-operated amusement industry now has an 
enabling system for high-quality Internet gaming.  Agora Interactive, based in 
Louisville, Kentucky, is developing a network of video arcades that deliver 
multiplayer games through the Lucent Collaborative Video system.  The initial 
trial of the Agora system will consist of eight arcades in separate cities in 
the United States, which will enable a pay-per-use model for each game.  Compaq 
Computer will provide Agora with the PC hardware and support, and PSINet will 
deliver high-bandwidth connections to their global IP backbone.

Through Agora's Global Access Total Entertainment (G.A.T.E.) system, the Lucent 
Collaborative Video system will help deliver content - ranging from video 
games, videoconferencing, advertising - to a wide audience of users.

"There are more than 1,000 PC games introduced each year, and our ability to 
deliver multiplayer gaming through a network of interactive kiosks is very 
potent,"  said Andrew Prell, CEO of Agora Interactive. "The Lucent 
Collaborative Video system creates a transparent experience for game players, 
who are not aware of the technology at all."  MEDICAL ^   The medical industry 
has been using videoconferencing for various applications, including 
educational sessions, patient consultation, and remote collaboration. The 
introduction of low-cost Internet-based videoconferencing, through the Lucent 
Collaborative Video system, allows customers such as Telemedicine Solutions, 
International in Baltimore, Maryland, to extend this use.  ^   "We have 
dramatically increased our use of videoconferencing through the Lucent 
Collaborative Video system, and have found new ways to communicate that were 
not previously available or affordable," said Dr. Ernest Carter, president of 
Telemedicine Solutions, International. "Our productivity has gone up without 
adding cost to our budget and this system integrates flawlessly with our 
network."  ^   Derrick Knox, CEO of D&A, a Charlotte, North Carolina-based 
reseller and systems integrator, has worked with a wide range of international 
customers who use the Lucent Collaborative Video system.

"The ability to share documents while on a videoconference with no delay is a 
tremendous customer advantage. The variable frame rate of the system provides 
options that are, frankly, amazing. We have had high-quality audio in 
videoconference sessions where the data rate is only 56 kilobits per second, 
and that's phenomenal," said Knox. "My customers are using the Lucent 
Collaborative Video system for applications that they never knew existed over 
the Internet and they're doing it at a reasonable cost."  ^   Click3X is a 
commercial design company specializing in 3D animation, special effects, and 
design work. For more information on Click3X, visit the company's Web site at  ^   Agora Interactive, Inc., based in Louisville, Kentucky, 
is creating the interactive communication system for the 21st century. Agora's 
technology links consumers to entertainment and e-commerce venues while they 
are away from home. Agora has developed and is planning to manufacture and 
operate a worldwide network of interactive kiosks. Further information about 
Agora Interactive can be found at  ^   D&A Integrated 
Solutions, Inc., based in Charlotte, North Carolina, is a systems integrator 
with several contracts for services that are then made available to other 
government agencies such as basic ordering agreement, fixed fee, and cost plus 
fixed fee. D&A offers ATM switches, routers, PBXes, fiber optics, video 
teleconferencing, CCTV, access control points, and electronic security systems. 
For more information on the company, visit their Web site at  ^   
Lucent Technologies, headquartered in Murray Hill, N.J., designs, builds and 
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