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***Kiosk Industry News***
***NetKey Usage Tip***

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***Kiosk Industry News***

January 19, 1999 -- Wall Street Journal prints "Interactive-Kiosk Makers
Adapt Web Technology To Mass Mkt." article:

"They say that cheaper hardware, widespread familiarity with the Internet,
the development of Web protocols and improved touch-screen technology,
combined with the need to make a more efficient use of personnel - in some
instances do away with personnel completely - come together to paint a rosy
picture for the kiosk takeoff."

***NetKey Usage Tip***

Problem:  My site contains multiple scrolling frames and I want to show the
scroll bars.

Solution:  NetKey 3.0 provides a solution for this.  Open your .ntk file in
notepad and use the following code to make it happen.

The scroll bars can remain visible by putting the ShowScrollBars property
into the browser definition.  This has to be done manually.

 Begin Screen Whatever
         Begin Browser
         End Browser
 End Screen Whatever

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