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NetPack Inc. Announces 'First Internet Access Card,' Offering Internet Service Providers Retail Store Exposure Using Pre-Paid Features

COSTA MESA, Calif., Jan. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- NetPack Inc. ( announced today that it plans to release its ``First Internet Access Card'' by early summer. The card will be similar to a pre-paid telephone smart card, allowing a retail store purchaser to gain Internet access immediately without any initial software.

NetPack's First Internet Access Card will address concerns about credit card security transactional business over the Internet, Frank Jakubaitis, president of NetPack, said, and bring pre-paid Internet access to the point of sale for the providers of these services.

``NetPack's First Internet Access Card also will be used for access to a growing number of public Internet access kiosks and services across the United States,'' he said. ``Some of these companies have planned to add a simple modem access line for a lap top connection, in lieu of having the actual computer available in airport locations. It just make sense for us to be there first.''

Jakubaitis said since his company's Internet packaging system concept was announced earlier this month, NetPack has had thousands of Internet visits about the NetPack(TM) system.

``We expected a response, but not the number and type that we have been receiving,'' he said.

The First Internet Access Card will be available initially to ISPs that wish to bring their services to the public through the retail store environment. Net Pack's First Internet Access Card also will be
pre-manufactured to accommodate the new NetPack anti-theft bar code
provisional feature.

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Headquartered in Costa Mesa, Calif., NetPack, Inc. is an Internet packaging company that has developed the first Internet in-store password packaging concept. NetPack is a trademark of NetPack, Inc. First Internet Access Card is the property and trademark of NetPack, Inc. Additional company information can be found at NetPack's website at