07:14 a.m. Jan 27, 1999 Eastern

DAVOS, Switzerland, Jan. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Nortel Networks (NYSE: NT; Toronto: NTL) will showcase its high speed wireless data networking technology as part of its new agreement to supply the network infrastructure at the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland, 28th January -- 2nd February. The meeting in Davos, is seen as one of the most prestigious conferences, with economic and business leaders participating from all around the world.

Using electronic Kiosks spread across the conference centre and the town of Davos, participants will have access to the Internet and to the World Economic Forum's electronic information and communications service. The participants, from Kofi Annan to Bill Gates, will also be able to send and receive e-mails on the World Economic Forum's electronic messaging system. The Kiosks are wired by Nortel Networks to service over 2,500 participants.

This interactive communications and information service, which also offers information about the various Annual meeting activities, is made possible by a powerful network infrastructure from Nortel Networks. Using its advanced, wireless networking technology, Nortel Networks has also introduced mobile kiosks which ensure that delegates have access to the same service from any location.

Dave House, president of Nortel Networks, commented on the investment Nortel Networks has put in to this strategic partnership: "We are living in the fast moving global economy connected by voice and data networks -- the World Economic Forum gives us the opportunity to demonstrate the possibilities of our innovative technology to this high level audience."

For the core IT network at Davos, Nortel Networks has built a high performance backbone around its market leading gigabit Ethernet Accelar routing switches interlinking Fast Ethernet BayStack 350 switches. The network interconnects 24 servers and numerous desktop computers in the Davos Congress Centre. Moreover, 15 hotels across Davos are connected via Nautica ISDN routers. The whole network uses the latest switching technologies and is capable of providing each station with the required bandwidth.

The electronic kiosk service is made possible by the advanced wireless LAN technology of Nortel Network's BayStack 600 products. These connect the Forum hostesses' portable PC's with the base station of the kiosk and allow attendees of the meeting to access the latest information from around the venue proceedings, as well as to send or receive e-mails from anywhere inside or outside the congress buildings.

Dave House is participating at the Davos meeting in a session with business leaders IBM, Intel Corp., Compaq Computer, Data General, and Dell Computer on "Is society ready for e-commerce." He said, "We believe that the gathering of leaders from different industries, government officials and journalists from across the world will create a fascinating atmosphere that fosters a global exchange of ideas and information." SOURCE Nortel Networks

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