Citrix Broadens Market for Server-based  Computing Through New   Licensing   
                       (Business Wire; 01/27/99)                       

 FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (Jan. 27) BUSINESS WIRE -Jan. 27, 1999--

    -- Nine New OEMs License Citrix's Independent Computing     Architecture to 
Develop Set-Top Appliances, Touchscreen Interfaces, 3D-Animated Training Tools --

With the goal of delivering Windows-based applications to the widest range of 
users, Citrix Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq:CTXS) today announced definitive licensing 
agreements for its Independent Computing Architecture (ICA(R)) with nine 
hardware and software manufacturers -- Acute Technologies, Inc., Datalight, 
Inc., DT Research, Inc., Elo TouchSystems, FYI-Net, NEC Computer Systems 
Division (NEC CSD), Sharp Electronics (UK) Ltd, Takaoka and The Watermann 
Group.  Citrix's Independent Computing Architecture, an emerging industry 
standard for server-based computing, enables efficient deployment of Windows-
based applications throughout the enterprise, without regard to client 
hardware, operating platform or available bandwidth.

Under the licensing agreements, the nine companies will embed Citrix's ICA 
technology into a broad range of existing and future products, including 
embedded operating systems (Datalight, Inc.), Windows CE devices (Sharp UK), 
handheld PCs (NEC CSD and The Watermann Group), 3D-animated training tools (FYI-
Net), Windows-based terminals (Acute Technologies, Inc., DT Research, and 
Takaoka), and touchscreen interfaces (Elo TouchSystems).

"Citrix has a singular vision that drives everything we do -- to make business-
critical applications accessible to the broadest spectrum of users," said 
Janice Roberts, director of client business development for Citrix.

"The mainstream acceptance of server-based computing has resulted in an 
increasing number of innovative ICA-based devices that reduce the complexities 
of computing," continued Roberts. "These devices enable organizations to easily 
access and manage business-critical applications from a central location. 
Providing users with a broader choice of computing devices to access business-
critical applications is a major step toward making computing ubiquitous."

ICA has been licensed for incorporation into the following OEM products:  --   

Acute Technologies, Inc. - Acute Technologies, Inc. has licensed
Citrix's ICA technology for inclusion in its ThinCast Series of  Windows-based 
terminals, providing a proven, low-cost,
easy-to-use solution for centralized management, universal access  and 
improved security for business-critical applications. Now
available, the ThinCast Series offers users the choice of  standalone Windows-
based terminals or devices with monitors built
in.  --   Datalight, Inc. - Two of Datalight's system software products,
the ROM-DOS and WinLight operating systems, will include optional  Citrix ICA 
technology to deliver the cost and management benefits
of server-based computing to desktop and embedded thin client  devices. 
Datalight's ROM-DOS, a compact, MS-DOS 6.22 compatible
operating system, has been used in thin clients with ICA since  1996. 
Datalight's Windows-compatible operating system, WinLight,
has been enhanced to offer a "Windows 95" style interface for  launching an 
ICA client in a multi-tasking environment in less
than two megabytes. The Citrix ICA technology will round out the  current 
Datalight thin client software offering, which includes a
BIOS and TCP/IP stack along with ROM-DOS and WinLight. Located in  Arlington, 
WA, company information can be found at  --   DT Research, Inc. - Located in Milpitas, CA, this 
OEM/ODM will launch a comprehensive line of thin client devices that will  incorporate 
Citrix's ICA client software. DT Research's Client
series of thin client products includes modular and integrated  (CRT and TFT 
LCD-based) Windows-based terminals with built-in ICA
support, to be available during the first quarter of this year.  

-- Elo TouchSystems - Fremont, CA-based Elo TouchSystems, the global
leader in touchscreen technology for kiosks, point-of-sale and  point-of-
information transactions, provides their technology to
thin client hardware providers using the Microsoft Windows CE  operating 
system. With Citrix's ICA technology, Elo's complete
line of LCD and CRT touch monitors offer significant benefits for  self-
service and employee-activated solutions, offering reduced
training time, higher input accuracy and faster service time. Elo  also 
provides the interface and touchscreen technology in the
direct ICA environment. Additional information on all Elo  products can be 
found at or by calling

 800-ELOTOUCH.  --   FYI-Net - Targeting the telecommunications industry, FYI-
Net will utilize Citrix's ICA technology to make high-end training and  sales software 
available to customers in a subscription format.

 With Citrix's Independent Computing Architecture, FYI-Net offers  
sophisticated, 3D-animated network design and analysis
applications, making available education and training experiences  that were 
previously cost-prohibitive.  --   

NEC Computer Systems Division - Featuring a highly portable form
factor, the NEC MobilePro family of handheld PC companions offers  users the 
ability to send and receive email, browse the Internet,
and create and deliver PowerPoint presentations while on the  road. Through 
Citrix ICA, MobilePro users will gain
high-performance access to full-function, Windows-based  applications 
executing on Citrix WinFrame(R) or MetaFrame(TM)
servers over wireless, dial-up or LAN connections. The ICA client  software is 
now available to MobilePro users as an optional
accessory. It can be purchased via the company's Web site at or by calling 1-888/863-2669. NEC CSD is
headquartered in Mountain View, CA.  --   Sharp Electronics UK Ltd (the Sales 
& Marketing subsidiary of

 Japan's Sharp Corporation) -- Complementing Sharp's existing  range of mobile 
computing and communications solutions, the
arrival of the PV-5000 and HC-4600 demonstrates the high level of  flexibility 
now available in the new class of ultra-portable
computing devices. The integration of Citrix's ICA technology  provides 
corporate users, particularly mobile workers or sales
staff, reliable, cost-effective access to off-the-shelf and  corporate desktop 
applications via Citrix WinFrame, MetaFrame
and Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0, Terminal Server Edition.  -- Takaoka - 
Takaoka, a leading thin-client manufacturer in Japan,
has licensed Citrix's ICA technology for the very first  Windows-based 
terminals in Japan. As the pioneer of the Japanese
thin client market, Takaoka has been exploring new models of thin  clients 
since 1989. With Citrix's ICA technology, Takaoka's

 Windows-based terminals offer the high-performance and  flexibility necessary 
in today's competitive enterprise. Takaoka
can be reached at  --   The Watermann Group - 
Building on its expertise in providing
thin client/wireless solutions, The Watermann Group will utilize  Citrix ICA 
technology to expand the functionality of its existing
clients to address the specific needs of a variety of different  
manufacturers' platforms and/or specific application
environments, as well as to enhance functionality in wireless  environments. 
The company, located in Bohemia, NY, also plans to
expand ICA capabilities to include technologies such as signature  capture, 
handwriting recognition, voice capture and recognition.

About Citrix ICA

With over two million concurrent user licenses since its introduction in 1995, 
the Citrix Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) is an emerging industry 
standard for server-based computing. Citrix's Independent Computing 
Architecture includes a server software component, a network protocol 
component, and a client software component. On the server, ICA separates 
application logic from the user interface and executes 100% of the application 
on the server. The ICA network protocol transports keystrokes, mouse clicks and 
screen updates over standard protocols to the client, consuming less than 20 
kilobits-per-second of network bandwidth. On the client, users see and work 
only with the application's interface.

About Citrix

Founded in 1989, Citrix Systems, Inc. is a leader in system software for server-
based computing. The WinFrame(R) and MetaFrame(Tm) product lines and 
Independent Computing Architecture (ICA(R)) technology are marketed through a 
worldwide business alliance of value-added resellers, system integrators, OEM 
licensees and industry associates. Citrix is based in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. and 
is traded on the Nasdaq National Market under the symbol CTXS. For more 
information, please visit the Citrix Website at

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