Leitch's ASC VR300 Video Server Scores Big At Super Bowl XXXIII In Miami -- 16-Channel ASC VR300 at Super Bowl is One of World's Largest Installed Video Server Systems

05:26 p.m Jan 27, 1999 Eastern

TORONTO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 27, 1999--Leitch Technology Co (TSE:) Leitch Technology Corporation -- a leading provider of digital solutions to the broadcasting, post-production and telecommunications industries -- announced today that Leitch's ASC VR300(TM) video server system has been installed at Pro Player Stadium in Miami for Super Bowl XXXIII on Jan. 31, 1999.

The 16-channel ASC VR300 server system with Fibre Channel RAID storage, one of the world's largest installed sports server systems, will provide live recording and instant playback for ChoiceSeat(TM) -- an interactive, in-stadium sports entertainment network developed by Tulsa-based Williams Vyvx Services, a business unit of Williams Communications.

"The ASC VR300's advanced Fibre Channel architecture makes it ideal for sports and live event applications such as the Super Bowl," stated Charlie Bernstein, program manager for Leitch's ASC Division. "Leitch's ASC VR300 is the only server solution which can record live simultaneous camera inputs, offer integrated editing directly on the server, and provide instant multi-channel playback from shared Fibre Channel storage." Bernstein continued, "This is the second consecutive Super Bowl featuring the ASC VR300; and, Leitch is very proud of its involvement."

ChoiceSeat will provide enhanced programming to thousands of fans in "smart seats" throughout the stadium. Using touch-screen technology integrated directly into more than 500 seats, suites, and kiosks, fans will be able to access a wealth of historical and real-time statistics; league, team and player profiles; live camera angles; instant replay channels; as well as interactive games and programming.

Founded in 1971, Leitch Technology Corp. is a leading provider of integrated solutions to the broadcasting community. Leitch designs and manufactures digital electronic equipment to store, distribute, process, and switch high-quality video and audio signals. With headquarters in Toronto, Canada, Leitch's products are used in television broadcast facilities, independent studios, and telecommunications companies worldwide.

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