Australian State Govt Plans Transport Information System            
                         (Newsbytes; 02/01/99)                         

 SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, 1999 FEB 1 (Newsbytes) -- By Adam Creed, Newsbytes. The 
State Government of New South Wales, Australia, is planning to upgrade its 
public transport information system with the installation of an integrated call 
center, Internet and complaints service.

  The new system will be designed to provide public access to information about 
rail, bus and coach travel through a number of channels, including the 
Internet, street information kiosks and smart phones. The new system will 
replace the Department of Transport's current Infoline telephone service and 
online timetables.

  The project is currently in the tender phase, with technology organizations 
being invited to bid to establish and operate the transport information system.

  Reported By Newsbytes News Network,


 (19990201/Contact: Kirsten Berg, NSW Department of Transport, +61-2-9268-

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