Vol. 1 Issue #7                         February 1, 1999

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Internet Kiosks can be a great source
of revenue, an excellent way to advertise, and
one of the best work-to-income ratios around...

..until they have a problem.

Then they can become your worst nightmare!

I'm not saying this to scare you or discourage
you, but I do want to make a point.  Your life
can be a lot easier if you implement some sort
of remote access capability.  

Remote access options for kiosks come in all
sizes and flavors.  There are software options,
hardware devices and combinations of both.

Software solutions can be as simple as
installing PCAnywhere.  Once installed, you
set up a simple host icon that is loaded at
startup.  It will sit in memory waiting for
an incoming call.  When you need to access
the kiosk, simply dial the number for the kiosk,
or connect via TCP/IP if this is a full time connection.

Be sure to verify that PCAnywhere will run 
alongside your Kiosk Application.  Nothing could
be worse than installing the software to facilitate
maintenance, and ending up with a series of lock-ups!

Another handy software product is a simple reboot
scheduler.  You can find such shareware products
at websites like Download.Com.  Scheduling a reboot
at 2 or 3am can work wonders for freeing up resources 
and keeping the machine running efficiently.

Software solutions are great, but there is always
the chance that the software you would like
to use just won't get along with your Kiosk Application.

Why not consider a hardware option?

Timeout-2400 is a great little device for hooking
up to a kiosk.  It sits between the power source and
the PC to regulate the on/off states of your Kiosk.
It is equipped with a phone jack that allows for
q power reset with a certain number of rings - a 
very nice feature.  

It also has a serial connection to communicate 
with the host PC.  A small watchdog
program can be installed on the PC and regularly
send signals to the power module.  If the PC locks
up, no signal is sent and the power module restarts
the machine!

You can find out more at

More options are popping up daily, so be sure
to search the web regularly using your favorite
search engine.  Use keywords like 'remote boot'and
'watchdog software' and you'll be amazed at what's

Just keep in mind that it pays to invest in this
equipment, especially if your machines are located
outside of your immediate driving area.

Until next month, best of luck to you!

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