Live Picture Launches the LivePix Consumer Kiosk at Demo '99

12:06 p.m. Feb 08, 1999 Eastern

INDIAN WELLS, Calif., Feb. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Live Picture Inc., the leader in Internet imaging, today unveiled a revolutionary product, the LivePix Kiosk at Demo '99. Built-to-own, the LivePix Kiosk will allow consumers to turn their personal photos into customized cards, calendars, business materials and other photo projects. Consumers will also be able to choose from branded collections of content such as Looney Tunes and Felix the Cat.

The LivePix Kiosk will not only enable consumers the ability to create fun, useful projects, but it will also offer partners, such as retail stores, the benefit from the added traffic and indirect profits. Consumers are able to easily access a complete software interface solution based on the LivePix superior technology and flexible architecture. The LivePix Kiosk is specially designed for non-computer users and offers an intuitive and exceptionally fast touch-screen interface for photo-enhancing and unique photo-based project creations in a kiosk environment.

"The LivePix Kiosk not only represents impressive technology, but it provides us with a clear picture of how photo-editing tools will be transformed in the coming year," said Chris Shipley, industry analyst and executive producer of Demo '99. "The state-of-the-art technology makes the LivePix Kiosk a truly useful and exciting method for consumers to create photo projects."

"The LivePix Kiosk benefits both our consumers and our partners," said Stephane Giraudie, Senior Product and Marketing Director for Live Picture Inc.'s LivePix division. "It provides the ultimate solution for consumers who want to obtain instant prints, combine photos with content, create photo projects or put photos on the Internet while shopping at their favorite retail store."

The LivePix Kiosk includes several photo-imaging options that consumers can use to create photo projects instantly. Additionally, the LivePix Kiosk is intended for anyone who can take a picture. Users can import photos from CDs, floppy discs, HiFD, LS-120 Super Disc, JAZ, ZIP or any removable drives, scanners, APS, 35 mm filmstrip and slide scanners, digital cameras, smart medias, major internet services and more.

About Live Picture Inc.

Live Picture makes it easier to exploit the power of using photographs with the LivePix(R) brand of Photo Project(TM) software and content for using photos in creative projects. Live Picture also Offers ZOOM(TM) Servers for using photos on Web sites that site visitors can zoom into and examine details. Live Picture, Inc.'s headquarters is in Campbell, Calif., with offices in San Francisco, France, Germany, UK, and Japan and is on the Web at SOURCE Live Picture Inc.

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