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MicroTouch Launches Next Generation of World's Most Popular Touchscreens for Self-Service Kiosks, ATMs, Gaming Devices, Seatback Entertainment Systems

ClearTek 3000 Capacitive Touchscreens Virtually Impervious to Scratching

METHUEN, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 8, 1999-- MicroTouch Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:MTSI - news), the world leader in computer touch-input solutions, today introduced ClearTek 3000, the next generation of the company's flagship capacitive touchscreen product line.

ClearTek 3000 is the first in a series of upcoming major enhancements to the world's most popular touchscreens for public-access, self-service applications, including kiosks, ATMs, gaming machines, and seatback entertainment systems.

The chief feature of the new ClearTek 3000 touchscreens is a proprietary glass surface treatment that provides superior durability against scratches and abrasions. This unique scratch-resistance feature benefits OEMs by providing a dramatic increase in value and performance with no additional cost.

ClearTek touchscreens are enormously popular among manufacturers of public-access devices, and are used in about 90 percent of all touch-enabled gaming machines in operation around the world. This is due to their superior durability, sealability, accuracy, reliability, ease of integration, and optical qualities, all of which are key attributes for public-access applications.

funworld GmbH, one of the world's premier amusement game manufacturers and an early ClearTek 3000 customer, has already deployed thousands of gaming systems fitted with the new touchscreens. ``It's inevitable that games will be susceptible to rough handling and spilled drinks,'' said Joseph Oehlinger, president of funworld, ``and it's of paramount importance that products can withstand this treatment without the loss of performance or optical clarity. We have been using ClearTek 3000 touchscreens for three months now, and have noticed a real difference in durability. Once again, MicroTouch has set new standards in the touchscreen industry, and by working with the market leader, we are confident that our customers will continue to benefit from a higher return on their investment in funworld products.''

Although surface scratching can occur on any type of touchscreen and possibly affect performance, it is unusual. In fact, scratches and abrasions on touchscreens are typically the result of deliberate vandalism caused by sharp implements used with considerable force. In independent laboratory tests, however, ClearTek 3000 touchscreens have proven to be at least 210 times more durable, making them virtually impervious to scratching from everyday objects such as coins and keys.

``ClearTek 3000 significantly raises the overall value we provide to our OEM customers, and greatly extends our competitive advantages,'' said Janet Muto, MicroTouch vice president of worldwide marketing. ``Our growing leadership in the public-access market over the past decade is a direct result of our ability to continue to deliver superior products and unmatched worldwide customer service. ClearTek 3000 is another example of our solid commitment to continuous improvement.''

About MicroTouch

MicroTouch Systems, Inc. is the world's leading provider of computer touch-input solutions, offering an array of innovative products based on capacitive, resistive, and other touch technologies. Founded in 1982, MicroTouch reported sales of $144.4 million in 1998. With its headquarters and ISO 9001-certified manufacturing plant in Methuen, Mass., MicroTouch also maintains manufacturing capabilities in New York, Texas, the United Kingdom, Japan, Taiwan, and Australia, along with sales offices and distributors in numerous other countries. MicroTouch Specialty Products Group, located in Austin, Texas, was formed in 1995, and specializes in the development of analog resistive and digital matrix resistive touchscreens. Factura Kiosks, a MicroTouch division in Rochester, N.Y., is the leading U.S. supplier of kiosk housings, specializing in creative design, engineering and manufacturing. MicroTouch Business Products Division manufactures Ibid, an award-winning, touch-sensitive electronic whiteboard, and the U.S. market leader. The company's Web site address is

     MicroTouch Systems, Inc.
     Edward F. Clough, 978-659-9120
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