SASI Incorporates Kiosk Technology

03:00 p.m Feb 17, 1999 Eastern

BRISTOL, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 17, 1999--

Stores Automated Systems Inc. Improves Customer Communication at Green Hill Farms

Stores Automated Systems Inc. (SASI) announces the integration of kiosk technology into its suite of targeted marketing solutions.

SASI kiosks add a whole new dimension to customer-specific retailing and are designed to complement Allegiance(TM), SASI's database management and decision-support system.

Green Hill Farms, Syracuse, N.Y., a retail leader in customer-specific marketing initiatives, recently installed SASI kiosks to escalate their standards of communication with customers. The supermarket also wanted to target specific shoppers and deliver offers and messages tailored to each customer's shopping preferences.

"The seamless integration of our point-of-sale system, the Allegiance targeted marketing solution, and the new SASI kiosks make it more convenient for our customers to shop at our store," said Gary Hawkins, president and CEO of Green Hill Farms.

"Communication with customers is vital to our customer service philosophy. We can offer promotions at the kiosk, tell customers how much they have earned in rewards and segment customers based on their purchase behavior." The integrated solution enables Green Hill Farms to offer special rewards and promotions to their best customers electronically at one location.

According to Hawkins SASI kiosks will also save the store money. "By using SASI kiosks instead of expensive direct mail campaigns, we can deliver promotions and incentives to customers when they are in the store -- improving our bottom line while increasing customer satisfaction."

Customers at Green Hill Farms say they appreciate using the kiosk for a quick and easy way to receive special promotions customized to their individual needs and avoid lines at the service desk.

Scanning a customer loyalty card at the kiosk results in a print-out of rewards, offers, and points -- all within seconds. There are five kiosks installed to insure a more convenient and enjoyable shopping experience. The retailer can capitalize on vital marketing information while insuring customer loyalty.

Retailers reap many benefits, according to Peter Wolf, SASI's vice president targeted customer marketing. "The SASI kiosk empowers retailers with the latest technology and marketing innovations, allowing them to target individual customers and deliver the offers when they count -- before the shopping is done," said Wolf. "The solution also integrates with the POS to close the loop so that no coupons are needed for special offers."

The Allegiance kiosk delivers its easy-to-read shopping list to the retailers' customers quickly and efficiently. "It was important to implement a design that did not keep the customer at the kiosk for a long period of time," added Wolf. "In our implementation, the customer simply holds their card up in front of the kiosk scanner and in less than eight seconds their list is printed and in their hands. They have the information needed to make their shopping trip rewarding on the way into the store."

Stores Automated Systems Inc. (SASI) is a leading provider of innovative software and hardware retail systems to major retailers and resellers. The company, established in 1984, and based in Bristol, Pa., offers customer loyalty and targeted customer database marketing solutions, integrated PC-based point-of-sale and self-check-out systems.

Key SASI innovations include: delivering the first PC technology at the point-of-sale, dual CRT configurations, as well as designing the industry's first multi-media POS system, the award-winning eXPERIENCE(TM).

SASI's systems are installed at major supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenience, drug, automotive aftermarket chains, and mass merchandise "category killers." There are approximately 50,000 SASI systems installed at 10,000 locations throughout the world.

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