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It might be worth while making the Mettke Patent URL easily available:

Also the following are quite interesting and maybe relevant:.

Other Valuable Links:

THE PATENT OUTLINE and other Intellectual Property Resources by Attorney Jim Kwak

and which is the good site to learn about patents.

These sites enable one to come to a quick understanding of how patents can affect you or not.

The most comprehensive site is: Nolo's

This month they are concentrating on Patents.

"In this month's Focus on Patent, Copyright & Trademark, we bid adieu to false modesty and proudly shine the light on two Nolo tomes that were awarded's Bestselling Titles of 1998:
•Patent, Copyright and Trademark, and
•Patent It Yourself.

Given that little amazon--with the small a--just might be the world's biggest seller of books online, these awards are no small potatoes.
And since you're using a computer even as you read this, you'll be most pleased to learn that the time could not be more ripe for the marriage of online and intellectual property. With a click of the cursor, you can read the entire updated edition of Nolo's award-winning book, Patent, Copyright & Trademark. It walks you through all the terminology, explains the formerly flummoxing laws and takes on Internet issues by the horns. This month's Focus will also include an insightful article on how to do patent searches online.
You'll find other updated features here, too--including commonsense advice on topics complex enough to befuddle Einstein, including:
•How to protect your invention when pitching it to others
•The bottom line on when copying is legal -- and when it's not, and
•How to conduct a trademark search without going into hock.

Articles on Patent, Copyright & Trademark:
- Qualifying for a Patent
- Copyright Basics

How the Law Protects Trademarks

When Copying Is OK: The 'Fair Use' Rule

Naming Your Business in the Information Age

...and that's not all we wrote. Come back in a few days for more legal information, updates and resources on this month's topic. Also be sure to check out the Patent, Copyright & Trademark section of our Legal Encyclopedia.

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