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 Jones Naughton Entertainment Completes Acquisition of and      
               Internet Infomercial and Video Production Company               
                       (Business Wire; 03/03/99)                       

 LOS ANGELES (March 3) BUSINESS WIRE -March 3, 1999--

Internet infomercial company becomes latest venture for Jones Naughton stable 
of Internet Enterprises

Jones Naughton Entertainment, Inc. (OTC BB: JNNE) announced today that it has 
completed the acquisition of, a Chico, Calif.-based Internet 
company specializing in the production of streaming video infomercials over the 
Internet. offers these products and other services to consumers via E-
commerce solutions available on the World Wide Web. is in the 
late stages of developing a virtual shopping mall Web site that will feature 
products that have traditionally only been available from infomercial companies 
advertising on broadcast television.

At, consumers will be able to search through a variety of 
infomercials in a virtual mall setting, place products in an electronic 
shopping cart, and purchase those same products via credit card in a secure 
transaction environment. will feature state of the art streaming 
video and audio to enhance each product's features, thus replicating the 
appearance of a broadcast television infomercial over the Internet.

Jones Naughton will derive revenues from this acquisition in three primary 
ways:  -    Video production of infomercials for consumer products companies

 interested in selling products on the Web site.  - Revenue 
sharing from sales generated from the Web site.  -    Creation of E-commerce 
components (created by's Web

 masters) to enhance client companies' own Web sites, thus  generating 
additional revenues from those sites. is comprised of a select group of Web design experts, computer 
networking specialists and business management leaders led by 
founder and President Mr. Scott Claverie. Mr. Claverie is a telecommunications 
veteran with an impressive track record. Mr. Claverie has worked for MCI, 
Pacific Bell, and Computer Telephone Corporation where he managed a sales and 
marketing team producing over $40 million in annual revenues.'s chief Webmaster is St. John Maloney. Mr. Maloney's extensive 
resume includes Web page design and architecture for NASA and National 

Matthew Herman will be responsible for managing's server and 
Internet connectivity. Mr. Herman has over 10 years of experience in Local Area 
and Wide Area Network management as well as expertise in server management on 
multiple platforms.

Jones Naughton Chairman Joe Naughton, who was previously co-founder of the J.C. 
Penney Television Shopping Channel (15 million cable subscribers), and founder 
of the Real Estate Television Network (the first private satellite network to 
service the real estate industry), addressed the significance of the GoOn- acquisition saying, "I have been fortunate to have seen the advent of 
many significant milestones of the communications age. I am convinced that the 
introduction of world-wide Internet marketing will be the single most 
transformational event of the information age."

Added Scott Claverie, "Jones Naughton's vision for global access marketing is 
today's reality. Jones Naughton's marketing innovation and GoOn-line's 
technical Internet experience should produce some eye-popping results in the 
very near future."  ABOUT THE COMPANY

Jones Naughton Entertainment, Inc. is an information technology concern focused 
on bringing together traditional consumer products marketing methods and the 
latest advancements in Internet technology. Through its COMMUNITY MARQUEE 
Division, Jones Naughton is providing interactive Internet, advertising and 
media buying services to clients across North America. Jones Naughton is 
currently installing NETZONE Internet kiosks into public locations throughout 
the United States.

This press release contains forward-looking statements made pursuant to the 
safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Act of 1995. 
Expression of future goals and similar expressions reflecting something other 
than historical fact involve risks and uncertainties. The actual results the 
company achieves may differ materially from any forward-looking statements due 
to such risks and uncertainties.

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