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The Schooner Brewery Announces Name Change to Gamecom, Inc.          
                       (Business Wire; 03/08/99)                       

ARLINGTON, TEXAS (March 8) BUSINESS WIRE -March 8, 1999--The board of directors 
of The Schooner Brewery Incorporated of Arlington, Texas, is pleased to 
announce that it has changed the corporation's name to GameCom, Inc. Further, 
the corporation's former symbol "SCOB" (OTC BB:SCOB) has been changed to "GAMZ" 
(OTC BB:GAMZ), effective March 4, 1999.

"The primary reason for this name change is to reflect the company's focus on 
the development of its `Net GameLink(tm) interactive Internet gaming 
entertainment system," said L. Kelly Jones, president of GameCom. "We have 
closed our brewery subsidiary to channel all the company's resources toward the 
successful implementation of `Net GameLink(tm)," Jones added.

GameCom intends to become the first company to physically take interactive 
Internet gaming successfully into the public arena. The company has developed 
pay-per-play gaming kiosks that will allow the public to swipe their credit 
cards or to defer billing to an existing account via membership subscriptions.

GameCom's `Net GameLink(tm) kiosks will boast astounding hardware 
specifications and features, such as AMD K6 3D Now Micro-processors, 19" to 21" 
SVGA monitors, 16MB AGP video cards, and 100-watt sub-woofers with duel 50-watt 
stereo speakers. Where available, all units publicly placed will be tied to T-1 
lines supplied by GTE Internetworking. GameCom has successfully developed its 
first prototypes, the first public system is under construction, and the 
company is in negotiations with potential manufacturers and distributors in 
order to achieve the best price point per unit while, at the same time, 
maintaining quality assurance and integrity within a robust operating systems 

The 'Net GameLink(tm) systems will be capable of playing such well known titles 
as Nascar On-Line Racing, Command and Conquer, and Quake, among others. Each 
player will have the option to compete against the computer's artificial 
intelligence, other players within the immediate `Net GameLink(tm) location, or 
a worthy opponent anywhere on the Internet. Additionally, players will have the 
capability to speak with others in real-time while on-line during their playing 

GameCom believes that the integration of these cutting-edge technologies will 
solidify its intended position as the premier physical site for Internet gaming 
on the World Wide Web. GameCom's goal to become the premier gaming arena is 
enhanced through its previously-established relationships with game enabler 
Total Entertainment Network (, Advanced Micro Devices (NYSE:AMD), 

GameCom has already arranged for the placement of dozens of `Net GameLink(tm) 
gaming kiosks in and around the greater metropolitan New York area, the first 
of which is expected to be operational in mid-April. Currently, the company is 
also in negotiations for the placement of additional `Net GameLink(tm) systems 
in Boston, Philadelphia, Dallas, and Los Angeles.

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