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SOURCE: Exigent International, Inc.

FotoTag, InterPlay Part of Future 'Smart Airports'

MELBOURNE, Fla., March 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Exigent International, Inc. (Nasdaq: XGNT - news) today announced that subsidiary FotoTag, Inc., in association with associates Computer Sciences Corporation UK Division (CSC) and Northrop Grumman-Canada, Ltd. (NGCL), will demonstrate an innovative passenger boarding expedition system at Passenger Terminal Expo '99 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Working in concert, the three companies have integrated a sophisticated technology that addresses much of the confusion and wasted time common to the process of ticketing and boarding for a commercial airliner or cruise ship. The system also provides reliable passenger-baggage reconciliation, especially for the frequent traveler, thus eliminating another key source of travel difficulty.

The system centers around CSC-developed ``Journey'' or ``Travel'' Cards(TM)`` which combine a memory chip and a multi use display panel in a package no larger than a standard credit card. These cards have read/write capability, and can be electronically altered to capture and display ticketing and boarding information -- in effect becoming both the ticket and the boarding pass. Passenger and baggage-tracking information is also stored in the card's memory. The card is ''contactless`` -- that is, the information on the card can be read from distances of over one meter.

Booking and automated fare collection is done by NGCL's NIA self-service CUPSS (Common Use Passenger Self Service) kiosk. Passenger ticketing and boarding information is processed by the Internet-enabled, computer-based kiosk. This device features an interactive touch-screen, a built-in credit card/ATM reader, two-way video, and an optional boarding pass printer. The NIA kiosk also supports multiple language interfaces. Future extensions include connections to weigh scales and biometric devices.

The FotoTag® system captures passenger images and associates this visual information with itinerary, baggage, and related travel documents. Exigent's InterPlay(TM) Active Messaging System enables the transfer of all of this information between the elements of the boarding system.

Gavin Ridge, Executive Vice-President and General Manager of FotoTag, Inc. said of the system, ``Smart cards, self-ticketing kiosks, and instant passenger image verification will shorten check-in lines and expedite boarding. We are moving strongly toward a solution for the SPT (Simplifying Passenger Travel) initiative currently put forward by International Air Transport Association (IATA).''

Interested parties are invited to experience the Fototag/CSC/NGCL boarding system at:

Passenger Terminal Expo '99

Booth 1010

Moriel Convention Center

New Orleans, Louisiana

March 24 -- 26, 1999

Exigent International, Inc. ( is a holding company capitalizing on emerging high-technology opportunities; specializing in satellite command and control solutions for systems such as IRIDIUM® and the NAVSTAR Global Positioning System (GPS). For more information contact: Jeffery Weinress, CFO at (407) 952-7550 or (888) 952-XGNT or FAX (407) 952-7555 or [email protected].

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