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70 -- INFORMATION ACCESS KIOSKS                        
                  (Commerce Business Daily; 03/12/99)                  

   NOTICE TYPE: Potential Sources Sought

   NOTICE DATED: 031099

   OFFICE ADDRESS: Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts (AO), Office of 
Information Technology, Technology Policy, Planning and Acquisitions Office, IT 
Contracting, 1 Columbus Circle NE, Room 3-170, Washington, DC 20544

   ZIP CODE: 20544


   CONTACT: POC Henry Weeks (202) 502-2335

   NOTICE TEXT : The U.S. District Court and the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the 
District of South Carolina intend to acquire two ADA compliant public access 
kiosks to provide secure realtime court information and are conducting a market 
survey to determine the availability of firms to provide the following 
functions. The kiosk should include, but is not limited to, a fully integrated, 
non-proprietary, Web -based combination of hardware and software. Technical and 
operational requirements include data entry input through a touch screen 
monitor with a graphical user interface, braille keyboard and voice response 
technology. The client application supporting the kiosk must run under Windows 
95 or Windows NT and simultaneously communicate with multiple host systems 
regardless of operating systems, including but not limited to Unix, Netware 
4.x, Windows NT, and programming languages. The kiosk must have interfaces that 
serve the needs of persons with mobility, hearing and visual disabilities. The 
object of this survey is to assess the marketplace for determining the 
availability of integrated solutions with few modifications meeting the above 
stated requirements. Firms with the ability to furnish this type of system are 
encouraged to submit a detailed description of their capabilities to support 
the Court's requirements and available functional and technical literature. 
This market survey is for informational and planning purposes only. All 
information should be submitted to the above address no later than March 29, 
1999. Firms are advised that this is not a Request for Proposal (RFP), nor does 
the Government intend to pay for any information solicited.

   RECEIVED: (W-069 SN307089)

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