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NCR's new Canadian Solution Centre shows how isolated transactions can be    
    transformed into consumer relationships of ever greater value and trust    
                      (Canada Newswire; 03/10/99)                      

   -- Businesses can discover a million markets of one,

   instead of one market of millions -

   TORONTO, March 10 /CNW/ - NCR today announced the grand opening of its 
Canadian Solution Centre in downtown Toronto. The Solution Centre incorporates 
the NCR/Microsoft Client Centre which showcases customer applications that 
integrate data warehousing, electronic commerce and high-availability 
solutions. It demonstrates NCR's role in building valuable new relationships 
with businesses and consumers by transforming transactions into relationships.

   "Consumers are demanding ever more individual and high-quality goods and 
services, ever more quickly. Consumers are less loyal to specific suppliers and 
are more inclined to `shop around' for the best deals," says Frank Farrell, 
President & CEO, NCR Canada Ltd. "The world is experiencing a `Knowledge 
Revolution' that, by comparison, will dwarf even the `Industrial Revolution'. 
These two trends are converging in the new digital media that will allow 
everyone to interact and transact from almost anywhere - in the office, the 
home, the store or in a public place.

   "NCR is uniquely positioned to enable banks, retailers and other businesses 
to get to know customers intimately, while protecting customers' privacy 
rights, but also liberate those customers to serve themselves. We can provide 
both the `brains' - data warehousing, analytical tools and professional 
services - and the `arms and legs' - the ATMs, kiosks, scanners, point-of-sale 
systems, transports - that give the `brain' its information and action its 
thoughts, making customer relationship management a reality," says Farrell.

   Companies visiting the Solution Centre see real-world business solutions 
from NCR and its partner companies. Through hands-on demonstrations, retailers, 
financial services companies, communications service providers, and other 
businesses can explore ways to attract and retain customers by using integrated 
customer knowledge and interaction solutions.

   NCR helps companies begin a dialogue with consumers using NCR's Automated 
Teller Machines (ATMs), point-of-sale (POS) systems, scanners and self-service 
kiosks to collect valuable transaction data. NCR's data warehousing solutions, 
populated with this transaction data, allow companies to gain a better 
understanding of each individual consumer, and provide services that are 
immediately relevant to them. This dialogue helps companies build deep and 
lasting relationships with consumers.

   NCR has established itself as the high-end leader in data warehousing 
capabilities, based on the company's industry-leading Teradata database engine, 
service offerings and massively parallel servers. NCR's recent port to 
Microsoft Windows NT makes Teradata warehousing technology much more open, 
easier for businesses to affordably enter at the gigabyte level, and scale up 
to terabytes as their needs grow.

   Highlights of some of the solutions on display include:


   High Availability Messaging Environment:


   NCR's LifeKeeper(TM) 2.0 and services expertise provide high availability to 
a company's mission-critical Microsoft Exchange messaging environment. 
LifeKeeper allows clusters of servers to monitor and back up each of their 
respective applications. In the event of a server failure, the operating 
server(s) recovers and restores all network interfaces, data and applications.

   Call Centres:


   NCR's Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) Call Centre is built upon 
Microsoft's Windows NT operating system, and is fully integrated with Genesys 
Telecommunications Laboratories' call centre applications to provide clients 
with a highly-available Call Centre solution.


   CRM for Communications:


   A customer relationship management (CRM) solution for the communications 
service providers, NCR's CRM solution helps clients better understand their 
customers' buying preferences.



   ChAnalyzer, a customer management solution for the financial services 
sector, is designed to help clients determine what are the best delivery 
channels for their consumers. Whether it's the ATM, the call centre, the PC or 
the branch, ChAnalyzer enables banks to access ad-hoc and interactive analyses 
of customer behaviour (no matter what the channel) right down to the individual 
transaction level.


   Iris Ident ATM:


   In with "eye-dentification" -- out with PIN numbers. In partnership with 
Sensar Inc., the NCR Iris Ident ATM features a special camera that recognizes a 
customer's unique iris pattern. This dispenses with the need for PIN numbers, 
and gives consumers a reliable and secure means of accessing their accounts.

   Web ATM:


   Consumers can use the NCR Web ATM for more than traditional transactions 
such as account deposits, withdrawals and bill payments. The WEB ATM is a cost-
effective, flexible way to provide new services and content across a network -- 
financial services, cross promotion and third party advertising.

   Interactive Kiosk Solution:


   NCR's new self-service solution features the NCR 7401, an interactive self-
service terminal that runs on Microsoft Windows NT Server, and uses Microsoft 
Internet Information Server, supporting a variety of other Windows(R)-based 

   Shoppers using the NCR Retail Self-service solution to get quick and 
convenient access to product information, pricing, location and availability.

   About JVCR

   NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR) is in the business of transforming transactions 
into relationships. NCR is a recognized world leader in data warehousing 
solutions, ATMs, point-of-sale systems, high performance scanners, and support 
services for retail, financial and national accounts markets.

   NCR's business solutions are built on the foundation of the company's long-
established industry knowledge and consulting expertise, value-adding software, 
global customer support services, a complete line of consumable and media 
products, and world-leading hardware technology. More information on NCR and 
its products can be found on the World Wide Web at

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