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akol launches Pounds 5,000 Internet kiosk                   
                    (Sunday Times London; 03/07/99)                    

   SCOTTISH entrepreneur David Sakol has launched the country's first public 
pay-as-you-use Internet kiosk and intends to install others on a franchise 

   The first is now operating in the Plaza shopping centre in East Kilbride 
where Sakol expects a steady stream of users from among the 35,000 daily 

   He is talking to management at the Buchanan Galleries in Glasgow and the 
Braehead Centre, Renfrew, both of which open this year.

   The kiosk costs only Pounds 5,000 to install, using off-the-shelf software, 
and users get 10 minutes for Pounds 1.

   Sakol, a member of the furniture store family, returned to Scotland in 1995 
after 10 years running stores in Los Angeles and has been involved in web 
development. His company got help from Renfrewshire Enterprise's 
First Business start-up initiative which will provide support and advice.

   Sakol picked up the Internet kiosk idea while in America. Users can surf the 
Net, send and receive e-mail, and visit web sites.

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