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NBG Solutions Prepares Second GSA `Express' Kiosk Site in Boston Region    
                       (Business Wire; 03/18/99)                       

 PORTLAND, ORE (March 18) BUSINESS WIRE -March 18, 1999--NBG Radio Network 
(OTC:NSBD) today announced that its subsidiary, NBG Solutions, has received 
orders from the General Services Administration (GSA) to establish a second 
Government Services Express site to service the Boston metropolitan area.

As previously announced, a prototype "Express" site was officially inaugurated 
last week in Milpitas, California, by senior GSA, IRS, and California Franchise 
Tax Board officials after a suitable evaluation period.  The rapid 
implementation of this additional site suggests that the GSA and IRS may be 
taking the initial steps towards the broad vision outlined at that 

 The Government Services Express concept involves a new approach to servicing 
the needs of the customers of the IRS and other federal and state agencies. 
Through a combination of kiosk technology, commercial shopping mall-based 
locations, and qualified staffing, the initiative is intended to dramatically 
expand and improve the public's interaction with involved agencies.

 NBG Solutions is providing an internet-based interactive kiosk solution for 
this GSA initiative, including all hardware, software, programming, and system 
design. NBG Solutions is also the prime contractor for all kiosk, computer, and 
office equipment at the site.

 According to John Holmes, president of NBG Solutions, "We are very excited to 
be associated with this project. The success of the solutions showcased at the 
Milpitas site combined with the strength of public acceptance suggest a 
significant expansion of the concept."

 NBG Solutions provides kiosk integration, customized technical solutions, bar 
coding, and distribution channels. The Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of 
NBG Radio Network (OTC:NSBD).

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