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                        (PR Newswire; 03/17/99)                        

                  Produce First Internet Access Card

 IRVINE, Calif., March 17 /PRNewswire/ -- NetPack, Inc. 
( announced today that it is looking to Orga Card 
Systems International (, the pioneer in smart card 
technology, to produce and provide support for NetPack's First Internet Access 
Card and the NetPackage Internet Retail System.

"Orga Card Systems International is a leader in smart card technology, and 
that's why we are exploring ways in which we can work together," said Nils-Eric 
Svensson, vice president of marketing for NetPack, Inc.

Netpack has created a unique retail-to-Internet crossover system that will 
virtually do away with conventional shrink-wrap retail software packaging, and 
bring the retailer into the loop of the ever-threatening world of E-commerce. 
The Netpackage Internet Retail System allows software producers to sell their 
software by using a NetPack card that can be as small as a credit card, and 
marketed through stores, even mini-markets or gasoline stations, as well as in 
mall kiosks or airport stores.

"Consumers will always want to shop at traditional retail outlets, and we have 
created the vehicle that links E-commerce and traditional retailers," said 

"Using our system, retailers can offer their customers Internet products and 
services right in their store along with the other products they have for sale. 
 The concerns traditional retailers have expressed about being left out of E-
commerce is answered with our NetPack First Internet Access Card and NetPackage 
Internet Retail system," he said.

"We are getting flooded with calls from software companies, book publishers and 
Internet providers, which proves they believe there is a need to be loyal to 
the retailers who have created their success in the first place," he added.

    About NetPack, Inc.

    Headquartered in Irvine, Calif., NetPack, Inc. is an Internet

company that has developed the first Internet in-store retailing concept.  
NetPack is a trademark of NetPack, Inc.  First Internet Access Card is the 
property and trademark of NetPack, Inc.  Additional company information can be 
found at NetPack's website at  SOURCE  NetPack, Inc.

-0-                             03/17/99 /CONTACT:  Nils-Eric Svensson, Vice 
President of Marketing of NetPack, Inc., 949-253-5800; or Mike Harris & 
Associates, 909-338-5634/

/Web site: /Web site:  CO:  
NetPack, Inc.; Orga Card Systems International ST:  California


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