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                        (PR Newswire; 03/17/99)                        

                       Into Marketing Channels

 Innovative ATM marketing programs at Wells Fargo, EPS, and People's Bank Show

            A New Medium for Customized Service in Action

    EMERYVILLE, Calif., March 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Novadigm(R), Inc.

(Nasdaq: NVDM), the market leader in software management, is bringing Internet 
advertising to the ATM, and the new marketing channel thrown open by this 
convergence of technologies is changing the face of banking and other 
businesses. This combination - the reach of the Internet, the quantum-leap 
processing power of next-generation ATMs, and the automation that Novadigm's 
technology brings to software and content delivery -- is enabling businesses to 
move transactions from the distant back office to the point of consumer action. 
There, ATMs can now deliver Internet-style advertising and personalized 
services straight to the customer.

"The new wave of networked ATMs supported by Novadigm's automated software 
management technology is effectively multiplying the salesforces of banks and 
other businesses, as well as extending their marketing reach to everywhere 
networks can go," said George Kellar, vice president of marketing for Novadigm. 
"This new marketing channel holds great promise for businesses as a means to 
retain existing customers and attract new ones, increase competitive service 
advantages, and generate new revenues."

    A History of Innovation

    The pairing of Novadigm technology and financial services is not a

new phenomenon; for over five years, Novadigm has been deploying and managing 
software across all types of banking platforms, including ATMs, teller support 
desktops, back-office workstations, and knowledge worker PCs. In fact, as far 
back as 1996, Novadigm was powering one of the industry's first live video 
banking applications at People's Bank in Connecticut (see below for details). 
As a driver of technology innovation in business services, Novadigm's automated 
software management and ability to deliver personalized applications and 
content has remained constant. What has changed is the network and its 

Client/server networks have evolved into TCP/IP-based intranets, extranets and 
the Internet. And now the familiar bank-attached ATM whose sole function is 
dispensing cash is evolving into a new crop of ATMs equipped with the latest in 
computers. Novadigm supports all major network protocols, and manages software 
on the new-style ATMs as effectively as on the previous generation, whether 
they run Windows, NT, or OS/2. The difference is that these next-generation 
ATMs now possess the processing power to display high-quality graphics, 
animation, and live video feeds. Combine this with the "marketing-to-one" 
personalization Novadigm has long brought to customer service applications, and 
advertisers suddenly have a dynamic new medium at their disposal. With Novadigm 
at the helm, any Internet-style advertising or promotional campaign -- 
including community-targeted messages, personalized services, and interactive 
transactions -- can now be run over networks of ATMs.

    The New Marketing Channel: Novadigm Customers Show the Way

    A sampling of some innovative programs Novadigm customers already

have in action suggests the potential of this new marketing channel:

    Wells Fargo has successfully launched a pioneering advertising

program that displays variable advertisements on ATM screens. Because 
Novadigm's patented technology automates software distribution and management 
while providing policy-based customization, Wells Fargo can change messages 
daily, target ads to specific areas, and tailor marketing campaigns for 
particular communities and seasons. Wells Fargo launched the program March 1, 
1999, on 340 San Francisco Bay Area ATMs that are part of the Wells Fargo Media 
Express ATM Network, and the Bank expects to expand the program to its 6,100 
ATMs across the nation. "Novadigm delivers the right content to the right ATM 
at the right time, which gives advertisers the flexibility to customize 
marketing messages for particular areas or promotional events," said Barry 
McCarthy, vice president of Express Banking at Wells Fargo. "Novadigm's state-
of-the-art technology maximizes the power of the advertising dollar while also 
improving service for our customers."

Electronic Payment Services, Inc. (EPS) is using Novadigm products to automate 
the delivery and management of high-resolution advertising graphics and 
marketing messages to ATM screens. Consumers make over 100 million transactions 
a month on 30,000 ATMs supported by EPS, and Novadigm turns each transaction 
into a true 'marketing-to-one' opportunity. "The centralized management 
capability of Novadigm's products lets EPS tailor the content, timing, and 
other advertising factors for each ATM from a single location, and accommodates 
customization at the ATM level," said Les Riedl, senior vice president of 
project management and implementations for EPS.

People's Bank, based in Connecticut, uses Novadigm software to cut the costs of 
managing its client/server infrastructure and speed application deployments. In 
addition, Novadigm software supports a live video banking application that puts 
a whole new slant on the "marketing to one" concept. Installed at traditional 
branch offices throughout Connecticut as well as in over 100 branches situated 
in Stop & Shop supermarkets, PCs running live video feeds from bank 
headquarters offer shoppers access to experts who can address their banking 
needs "in person."  The popular service offering has attracted numerous new 

    Just the Beginning

    Named the 1998 Application of the Year by French magazine DECISION

Micro & Reseaux for its role at Credit Agricole Indosuez Bank, Novadigm's 
software was dubbed  "any administrator's dream" for its unique ability to 
automatically restore desktops, servers and ATMs to their desired state after 
even the smallest component has been inadvertently changed or corrupted, and to 
deploy new operating systems, applications and content across vast populations 
of remote machines using the least possible network bandwidth and IT staff 

Novadigm products currently manage millions of application and content 
components on hundreds of thousands of desktops, servers and ATMs at over 200 
enterprises around the world, including more than two dozen of the world's 
leading financial institutions, such as BankBoston Corp., Italy's Banca 
Commerciale Italiana (BCI), France's Banque Indosuez, Commonwealth Bank of 
Australia (CBA), Germany's dvg Hannover Datenverarbeitungsgesellschaft mbH (an 
IT service and computing center provider managing 100,000 banking desktops and 
53,000 ATMs across 12 countries), and SouthTrust Bank.

As the trend takes off, it is only a matter of time until other types of point-
of-sale devices such as telephone booths, self-service terminals, multi-
function kiosks, and even vending machines, will become powerful marketing 
channels as well.

    About Novadigm

    Novadigm is a leading provider of distributed software, content

and application management solutions for client/server and Internet computing 
environments. Fast, reliable and adaptable, the Company's products use patented 
adaptive configuration and 'fractional differencing' technologies to increase 
the speed and reliability -- up to 99 percent -- and reduce the complexity and 
cost -- by 80 percent or more - of distributing software across large-scale 
networks. Novadigm licenses its products to Fortune Global 1,000 IT 
organizations, software vendors and service providers around the world. More 
information on Novadigm, Inc. can be found on the World Wide Web at or by calling 800-626-6682.  SOURCE  Novadigm, Inc.

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