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                        (PR Newswire; 03/22/99)                        

                   Austrian Equipment Manufacturer

 LOS ANGELES, March 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Cash Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: CHNG) 
announced today that it has signed a letter of intent to acquire a 51% interest 
in Geld Bearbeitungs Systeme GES.M.B.H. ("Geld"), the leading manufacturer of 
coin equipment in Austria.  Geld has been a supplier of components to CoinBank 
Automated Systems, Inc., a Cash Technologies subsidiary.

"Geld's cash handling, sorting, and night depository systems has given it a 
strong position in the Austrian and German banking communities. In addition, 
the Company's highly regarded sales and service network will provide Cash 
Technologies with improved infrastructure and distribution for self-service 
coin machines as the European Union prepares for wide scale conversion to the 
euro," said Cash Technologies Chairman and CEO Bruce Korman. "This transaction 
also brings important proprietary cash handling technologies in house, adds to 
the Company's engineering resources and permits a substantial reduction of 
manufacturing costs, which when coupled with projected 1999 revenues of more 
than $2 million, will greatly accelerate our march to profitability."

Germany represents by far the largest market economy in the group of European 
Union ("EU") countries converting to the euro, responsible for approx. half of 
the EU's gross domestic product.  Cash Technologies has positioned itself to 
take a lead position in the gigantic euro coin conversion problem facing the EU 
in 2002, when local currencies in the 11 participating countries will become 

Cash Technologies, Inc. develops and markets innovative e-commerce kiosks, 
including advanced self-service coin counters and the multifunction ATM-X(TM) 
automated teller machine.  The Company also provides computerized cash 
processing services to banks, armored carriers, rapid transit agencies and 
other cash-intensive businesses.

Matters discussed in this release include forward-looking statements that 
involve risks and uncertainties, and actual results may be materially 
different.  Factors that could cause actual results to differ are disclosed in 
the company's reports to the Securities and Exchange Commission, including its 
Form 10-QSB and Form 10-KSB on file with the SEC.  SOURCE  Cash Technologies, 

-0-                             03/22/99 /CONTACT:  Stephanie Webster of Cash 
Technologies, Inc., 213-745-2000/

(CHNG)  CO:  Cash Technologies, Inc.; Geld Bearbeitungs Systeme ST:

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