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Elo TouchSystems and ICL Partner for Major Projects in US and Europe;   Staples 
    the Office Superstores and KPN Dutch Telecom Roll-Out ICL/Elo   Systems    
                       (Business Wire; 03/22/99)                       

FREMONT, CALIF. (March 22) BUSINESS WIRE -March 22, 1999--Elo TouchSystems, a 
global leader in touch technology, and a Raychem (NYSE:RYC) subsidiary, has 
partnered with ICL, a leading supplier of IT systems and services, to develop 
innovative touch solutions for the retail market. Two major ICL/Elo projects, 
one for Staples the Office Superstore and another for KPN Dutch Telecom, are in 
implementation now.

"Elo TouchSystem's relationship with ICL allows us to further extend our 
industry-leading touch solutions into the retail market place. Both company's 
hardware consulting groups worked together to develop the best solution for 
Staples in North America and Europe, combining EloTouch technology with an ICL 
best-of-breed product," says Celine Rasborn, Director of Bid Support N.A. at 
ICL. "We are delighted that ICL is enjoying early success as a result of our 
new partnership," says Emily Liggett, President of Elo TouchSystems.

Staples the Office Superstore

Staples, the largest operator of office superstores in the world, is rolling 
out a customized 14" Elo touchmonitor to its more than 700 superstores across 
the U.S. over the next three years. Through its retail stores, the company 
serves a broad range of customers from home office workers to small and medium-
sized businesses, and offers substantial savings on thousands of office 
products from traditional office supplies to furniture and small business 
machines. In addition, stores feature a full service copy center and FedEx 
shipping services on site.

Touch-enhanced terminals will be placed in Staples' in-store copy centers to 
assist customers and associates through the selection and processing of a 
complex matrix of service offerings more quickly and efficiently. Staples will 
also deploy touchscreen technology at the Service Desk to enhance customer 
service of returns or exchanges and position the terminal for use with a future 
automated Special Ordering application.

"This is Staples first truly large opportunity to implement a touch 
application. Enhancing the shopping experience of our customers is very 
important to us and the ICL/Elo product provides us with an ability to use 
technology as a tool for delivering superior customer service. It was the 
obvious choice for reasons of technological leadership, quality and exceptional 
service from both businesses," says Keith Gregg, Director of Store Systems, 
from Staples.

Dutch Telecom Kiosk

In the Netherlands, ICL retail systems B.V. teamed with Elo and Elo's Dutch 
distributor, Digit Partners, to develop a phone service kiosk, KPN Telecom 
Direct, for Dutch Telecom (Koninlijke Post Nederland or KPN). The Telecom 
Direct kiosks will be deployed throughout the Netherlands in Dutch post offices 
and bookstores to provide cellular and other telephony services.

KPN worked with ICL, Elo, Digit and Polygon GmbH, an Elo kiosk partner, to 
create the fully multimedia kiosks. The self-service kiosk solution has enabled 
KPN to extend service to their customers in the field, giving customers remote 
access directly to KPN's telecom experts for consultation. The kiosks maintain 
a 'human to human' interface via both a telephone connection and a CCD camera 
that allows the customer to see the support team while they discuss their 
telephone system.

Telecom Direct enables KPN to provide its services with greater convenience to 
the customer. In the near future, customers will be able to go to any one of 
Holland's 450 larger post offices, pick up the kiosk telephone and talk 
directly with a support team who can answer any billing or service questions, 
install any service, trouble-shoot any technical problems -- right there. There 
are 85 pilot kiosks installed in Dutch post offices, with plans to roll-out 
hundreds over the next few years, including those in bookstores, which are 
owned by the post offices and serve as branch post offices.

ICL Retail Systems B.V. and KPN chose Elo's SecureTouch(TM) screens, which 
offer the clarity and stable performance of surface wave technology, with 
greatly enhanced mechanical integrity. "Because of the public environment, KPN 
wanted a higher level of toughness for the kiosk and SecureTouch is made from 
1/4-inch thick (6.3 mm) tempered glass. This touchscreen passes UL1951 ball 
drop tests, but if someone still manages to break the safety glass, it will 
crumble into smooth-edged chunks, protecting users from cuts. This way KPN is 
able to ensure the safety of its customers," says Sander Honig, at ICL retail 
systems B.V. As do all of Elo's surface wave touchscreens, SecureTouch will 
"reprogram" around contaminants and is unaffected by ordinary scratches on the 
screen, which is important in public-access environments.

About ICL

ICL is a leading supplier of IT systems and services. Operating in over 70 
countries and employing over 19,000 people, the ICL's revenues for 1997 were 
(pound)2,477.1 million (approximately $4 billion) generating a pre-tax profit 
of (pound)30.0 million (approximately $54 million). The company implements IT 
systems for major projects and provides innovative services to a range of 
industries covering, among others, retail, finance, travel, telecommunications 
and utilities together with education, local and central government sectors. 
ICL services include outsourcing, helpdesks, network services, inter/intranets, 
electronic commerce solutions, interactive kiosks, smart card systems, digital 
cities and web sites. ICL plans to list on the London stock market in 2000. 
ICL's retail systems division is based in Dallas, employs 2,000 people 
worldwide and has annual revenues of approximately $800 million. It is 
dedicated to serving the retail industry through the creation of effective IT 
solutions and services. It is one of the world's largest suppliers of 
information systems and solutions to retailers.

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and companies referred to herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of 
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Elo TouchSystems, Inc., global leader in touch technology, develops, 
manufactures and markets a complete line of touch products that simplify the 
interface between people and computers. Founded in 1971, Elo has headquarters 
in Fremont, California; and offices worldwide. Elo TouchSystems is a wholly 
owned subsidiary of Raychem Corporation (NYSE:RYC). For more information on 
Elo's products and services, call 1-800-ELOTOUCH (1-800-356-8682) or visit 
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