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 Kodak, Postal Bureau Join Hands for New Photo Service             
                         (AsiaInfo; 03/22/99)                         

 CHINA, March 22, AsiaPort -- You can have your photos taken and sent to your 
loved ones thousands of miles away within 24 hours - thanks to a service newly 
launched by Kodak (China) Limited and the State Postal Bureau. In this service, 
Kodak Picture Post, the customer can start out by either scanning an existing 
phone into a service kiosk or having your picture taken with a digital camera 
in the post office. Then you can select through a touch-screen computer your 
favorite background and frame and add your own hand-written message. In about 
five minutes, the photo, background, and message are merged into a digital 
picture postcard and transmitted via Internet to the designated post offices 
where the postcard is printed and delivered promptly by mail or courier. Now 
the services are available at two most offices in each of the following cities -
 Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou.

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