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MicroTouch Launches KioskTouch Monitors

New `Drop-In' Design, New Name for Popular Metal-Enclosed Monitor Line

METHUEN, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 23, 1999-- MicroTouch Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:MTSI - news), the world leader in touch-input solutions, today introduced two industry-standard touchscreen monitors for public-access kiosk markets.

The new KioskTouch color CRT monitors, available in popular 15-inch and 17-inch sizes, feature a ``drop-in'' design for easy installation, upgrade, and replacement of industry-standard kiosk monitors produced by other manufacturers. KioskTouch is the new name for the company's line of CRT and flat-panel LCD monitors enclosed in metal chassis.

The rugged, metal-chassis KioskTouch monitors are guaranteed to retain the same physical dimensions for three years. This means that kiosk system integrators can avoid costly modifications to kiosk enclosures to accommodate frequent changes in the dimensions of new monitor models. It also helps extend their customers' investments in kiosk systems.

The new KioskTouch monitors come with highly durable ClearTek 3000 capacitive touchscreens, which are impervious to water, dust, grease, and other environmental contaminants, yet offer superb non-glare optical clarity -- attributes that make them popular for high-traffic kiosks used in retailing, government, banking, and industrial applications.
\266 The 15-inch model has 1280 x 1024 resolution with .28mm dot

pitch, and is priced at $837. The 17-inch model has 1600 x 1200 resolution with .26mm dot pitch, and is priced at $1107. Available immediately, both models have full digital on-screen display controls.

KioskTouch monitors provide several additional benefits to kiosk designers. These include:

Functional Housing Design

Proper ventilation makes the difference between a touchscreen monitor that holds up over the long term and one that fails before its time. The KioskTouch metal chassis has streamlined ventilation that works well in a wide range of configurations. KioskTouch monitors virtually eliminate traditional heat-related problems of standard monitors because they do not rely on traditional fixed vents that work only when the monitor is in a horizontal position. Thus, the touchscreen display will work reliably in a far greater range of viewing angles, from a moderate 30(degree) tilt to a full 45(degree).

Simplicity, Economy, Easy Integration

An industry-standard KioskTouch monitor is largely immune to the stylistic whims of the computer peripherals marketplace. By virtue of its open design, -- unencumbered by a plastic housing -- it does not experience the ongoing cosmetic modifications that usually change the ``footprint'' and shape of a monitor with plastic housing. A KioskTouch monitor also eliminates the often-significant costs for kiosk redesigns and retrofits typically needed when replacing a monitor or updating a kiosk, and can be mounted easily and securely in any kiosk enclosure with the use of simple brackets.

Faster development, longer deployment of new kiosks

KioskTouch monitors are specifically engineered for use in kiosk applications. With a consistent footprint and a straight front bezel, a KioskTouch monitor streamlines the development cycle for new kiosk designs. This feature enables a designer to port monitor dimensions from one kiosk model to another. The consistent footprint and shape of a KioskTouch monitor extends the useful life of a kiosk by making replacements simple.

About MicroTouch

MicroTouch is the leading worldwide vendor of touch-input solutions, and the only company able to supply touchscreens for virtually every application. For public access and business systems, the company offers its highly durable ClearTek 3000 capacitive and TouchTek5 5-wire resistive touchscreens and touch-enabled monitors. For mobile professional and consumer products, MicroTouch offers TouchTek4 4-wire resistive touchscreens. For specialty applications, the company offers TouchTekDM digital matrix touchscreens. Founded in 1982, MicroTouch reported sales of $144.4 million in 1998.

The MicroTouch Business Products Division is the U.S. market leader in touch-enabled digital whiteboards. Its Ibid product line has earned awards from several leading trade publications. Factura Kiosks, a MicroTouch division in Rochester, N.Y., is the leading U.S. supplier of kiosk enclosures, specializing in creative design, engineering and manufacturing. The MicroTouch Specialty Products Group, located in Austin, Texas, focuses on the development of analog resistive and digital matrix resistive touchscreens. MicroTouch operates, the first Internet-based electronic commerce site devoted exclusively to the sale of touchscreen monitors and related products. The company's Web site is

     MicroTouch Systems, Inc.
     Edward F. Clough, 978/659-9120
     [email protected]

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